How To Get Page Set In Elden Ring

The Page armor set can be obtained by killing and looting Page enemies that you can find in areas with royalties and nobles in Elden Ring.

If your ultimate desire is to be a faceless warrior then the Page Armor set might be exactly what you had in mind. This set is classed as a lightweight armor set and is worn by the Pages who serve as the protectors of the nobility in The Lands Between.

The armor is extremely light, making it perfect for any build which requires light armor.

There are two variants of the armor – Page Set and High Page Set. Both come from Pages just from different ones. Spoiler alert, the High Page Armor is all show and no go. It has significantly lower stats and should only be opted for if looks are what you are going for.

Both armor sets include three pieces; hood, garb, and trousers. Two of the armor sets only differ when it comes to hood and garb but share the same trousers

Where to find the Page armor set in Elden Ring

The Page Armor set is dropped by the Pages. The drop rate of all the pieces is decent and you can get your hands on the full set just by taking down a couple of them.

Every Page has a 3% chance of dropping the set. Since Pages serve the nobility so you will find most of them in areas where the royals live.

Although that can be difficult to roam around all the places in search of a page, there is a specific hotspot where you will always find a couple of pages roaming around. It is time to take a trip to the Caria Manor located in Liurnia of Lakes Region.

Once you get there, make your way to the Royal Moongazing Grounds site of grace. Head East through the door towards the stairs going down. There will be two Pages on the stairs and one standing right on the ledge towards the right of the stairs.

Kill all three of them, they are easy to beat, loot the corpse, go back to the site of grace, rest, and repeat until you have all the pieces.

Page Set farming location in Elden Ring

Best location to farm Pages

Farming Page enemies for their Page armor set is not going to be that long of a grind in the game. However, if you want another farming location, head out to the two locations marked on the map below in Leyndell, Royal Capital. You will find plenty of Pages here to kill.

Where to find the High Page Set in Elden Ring

The High Page set is another variation of the Page set. This version is dropped by the High Pages. This type of page is slightly rare than a normal page but still, the drop rate is fairly reasonable so you will not have to grind a lot. High Pages also have a 3% drop rate.

The best and the easiest way to look grab a High Page Armor set in Elden Ring is by heading over to the West Captial Rampart site of grace in the Leyndell Royal Capital.

Once you get to the location, just straight out towards the giant Gargoyle Statue but right as you reach there, don’t go forward but head down the staircase leading to the room below.

High Page Set map location in Elden Ring

There will be a High Page right at the bottom of that stair towards the left. You don’t even have to go all the way down, you can drop down on the enemy from above in the iconic Assassin’s Creed Style.

Best location to farm High Pages

If you want more locations where you have chances of encountering the High Page then you can jump on your mighty Torrent and make your way to The Church of Cuckoo site of grace in Raya Lucaria Academy.

Page Set Stats

The Page Armor is one of the lightest armor in the game with a mere weight of (9). The lightness comes at the cost of reduced protection against different kinds of attacks.

You will only get damage of negation of (11.4) against Physical Attacks, (10.1) against Strikes, (8.3) against Slashes, and Pierce.

Even though the damage negation is fairly negligible but the Resistance the armor offers is not entirely subpar. Page Armor Set offers (156) for both Focus and Vitality.

Next up on the list is Immunity (81). Finally, we have the lowest Resistance out of the bunch which are Robustness (44) and Poise (17).

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