How To Get Nox Swordstress Set In Elden Ring

You can get all four pieces of the Nox Swordstress Set by farming Nox Swordstress in Nokstella, Eternal City in Elden Ring.

The Nox Swordstress set is a lightweight armor set that provides mobility and resistance against specific ailments in Elden Ring.

This armor set is worn by the Nox Swordstress enemies you encounter in the Eternal City of Nokstella and Nokron. So you have to find out these foes and eliminate them to get a chance to loot the armor pieces of the Nox Swordstress set.

This set has four armor pieces (Nox Swordstress Crown, Nox Swordstress Armor, Nox Bracelets, and Nox Greaves). You need to obtain each of these to complete the Nox Swordstress set in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Nox Swordstress armor set in Elden Ring

You can get all four pieces of the Nox Swordstress armor set by killing Nox Swordstresses in Elden Ring. These humanoid enemies are not going to be that easy to farm because they can dodge most incoming attacks.

The good thing, though, is that every Nox Swordstress has a 3 percent chance to drop a piece of the Nox Swordstress Set. This means that you will not have to grind long and hard to get the complete set.

Best place to farm Nox Swordstresses

You need to make your way to Nokstella, Eternal City, which is an area located near the main Ainsel River. You can reach this area by following the river from the Uhl Palace Ruins.

Nox Swordstress Set map location in Elden Ring

There is one location in the Noksetalla that allows you to farm these enemies in Elden Ring. You need to move toward Riverside from the Nokstella Site of Grace. There you will find two enemies riding the Giant Ants, and one can be found by using the stairs of the side room.

Keep farming these enemies until you get all the pieces of Nox Swordstress Set in Elden Ring. There is no other way out, so having patients and doing the same thing can land you the required parts in the game.

Best way to farm Nox Swordstress

Nox Swordstress can deal good damage due to their mobility and attack combination. Moreover, the Giant Ants make them much more deadly on the field, so you have to take care of both enemies at the same time.

Try to reduce the mobility of these enemies by using long-range weapons and keep poking them whenever the enemy reaches a distant area. You have to continuously poke the enemy as they can only attack you in the melee range, making them weak from a long-range perspective.

Make use of the Talisman that allows you to reduce the speed of your enemy. Since we have to take care of the Giant Ants, it is suggested to use the Beast-Repellent Torch to keep these creatures away. This will mean more time for attack and better chances of farming the enemies.

You must repeat these steps several times to get the complete Nox Swordstress Set in Elden Ring.

Also, try to equip items that increase the Item Discovery rate so the odds of finding each piece of the armor set to increase, making the job less hectic.

Nox Swordstress Set stats

The Nox Swordstress set stats show the superiority of this armor set in the area of resistance in Elden Ring. It allows you to get away from several ailments without much effort.

The immunity stats increase to 143, while Focus and Vitality share 123 after you equip this armor set. It means you do not have to worry about fighting the enemies in the poisonous fields, and with just the right strategy, you can bring anyone down.

However, since you do not get much damage negation, try to keep your distance from the enemies and keep moving on the field to avoid any long-range attacks from the enemies. With this tactic, you can even defeat a boss using the Nox Swordstress set in Elden Ring.

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