How To Get The Nox Monk Set In Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Nox Monk Armor Set is a beautiful-looking light armor set with decent protection value. It is farmed by Nox Monks.

The Nox Monk Set in Elden Ring is a set of light armor with respectable damage negation and resistance. It consists of brown armor pieces with flowing bits of cloth that will make you look regal and dignified. The colors of this set will complement each other very well and will suit your character, no matter the build.

To get this set, you will need to farm it from the Nox Monks found at Nokstella, Eternal City. The process to farm the set is easy but tedious since it has horrible drop rates.

However, we have written down the entire process to help you in your quest to find the Nox Monk set in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Nox Monk armor set in Elden Ring

Nox Monk armor set map location in Elden Ring

As mentioned before, the set is farmed from the Nox Monks who are found at Nokstella, Eternal City. Start from the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace and move past the wall towards the West and proceed up the stairs. There will be two Nox Monks deeper inside the building the stairs lead up to.

Alternatively, you can find another Nox Monk roaming the area North of the Site of Grace. However, this is a singular enemy which is a bit further away from the Site of Grace and will take more time to reset. The other area has two monks which increases your chances of getting the armor.

Best place to farm Nox Monks

Elden Ring Nox Monk Armor Set

The best place to farm for the Nox Monk Armor Set in Elden Ring is West of the Site of Grace. Proceed up the stairs where you will see a caster enemy. He will attempt to attack you which you can just run past.

Continue to go until you see a hallway to your right and some weird blob-looking enemies. Go inside this hallway and run past all these blobs and take a left at the end of the hallway.

Another set of stairs will be waiting for you which you need to take. There will be a path going forward which will first branch right and then turn left at the end.

Take the left path where you will see a mist door which you need to open with a Stonesword Key. Use it and you will see a room with two Nox Monks inside.

Use weapons that have a faster attack speed and leave you nimble. This is because their weapons have a large swing area you will need to dodge. However, they are fairly easy to take down. Engage one at a time and then move to the next one.

The set has a drop rate of 3% meaning you will be at it for quite some time. To aid you in this regard, equip items that boost item discovery such as the Silver Scarab. This will spawn pieces of the Nox Monk Armor Set more frequently.

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