Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Walkthrough

Morne Tunnel is one of the Elden Ring minor dungeons. It is located in the Limgrave region. This is an...

Morne Tunnel is one of the Elden Ring minor dungeons. It is located in the Limgrave region. This is an optional dungeon that houses Misbegotten enemies and Scaly Misbegotten, a boss in Elden Ring. Furthermore, you can find the likes of Rusted Anchor, Soft Cotton, Arteria Leaf, and a vast majority of Smithing Stones inside the dungeon.

How to Get to Morne Tunnel in Elden Ring

The Morne Tunnel is located in the Limbgrave’s southern region, to the east of the Minor Erdtree. When you arrive at the location, you will notice a large canyon.

An opening leading to the Morne Tunnel can be found near the bottom of the canyon, towards the southern end. The entrance is tucked into the cliff face, making it easy to miss, so use the brazier next to the cliff face as a reference. When you see a brazier adjacent to the rock wall, you’ll know you’ve arrived.

If you are lost, travel more towards the majorly damaged stone bridge columns. Eventually, you’ll spot the brazier and the entrance.

Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Walkthrough

Morne Tunnel promises a good loot as it is brimming with Smithing Stones. Read on to learn precisely which areas of the tunnel you need to explore to make out the most of the loot.

As you make your way through the tunnel, you’ll notice a lift directly ahead of you. Take the lift and move up. There will be a small opening ahead; proceed inside and you will find one Smithing Stone at the end.

Grab it and return to the lift. This time around, use the lift to descend, and the lift will eventually take you to a Site of Grace. Activate it and proceed to the tunnel beyond to find yourself in a large mining cave.

Here you’ll have to deal with some Misbegotten enemies. Some will attack you, and a few will be sleeping. You’ll also notice some Stonediggers mining. Take them all out because they will drop a great deal of Smithing Stones and other valuables.

Follow these directions to proceed. First, take the path to your left and jump across the ladder, it will have a Stonedigger toiling at the top. Take him out and grab the Smithing Stone.

Now head back down the ladder and jump across the gap to the left. Take out the Misbegotten who is resting here and proceed through the tight tunnel on the left. By this point, you’ll reach another cavern with descending stairs.

As you descend the stairs, you will encounter three Misbegotten enemies. Fortunately, one of them will be awake and the other two will be resting. Take them all out and gather the loot. If you look to the right side of the platform, you’ll notice a corpse holding a Golden Rune. Collect it and proceed further.

Look to the left, where another Stonedigger will be toiling away in an alcove. Take him out and pick the Smithing Stone. Afterward, head southwest and you’ll see another Stonedigger at work.  Take him out as well, and grab the Smithing Stone.

Now, ignore the other path and head to the south of this cavern. You’ll arrive at a Wooden Shack if you continue down the path. Defeat the stonediggers in the area, collect the loot and carry ahead.

Head inside the Shack to find another Stonedigger, take him out as well. If you look around, you’ll find a corpse. Loot the corpse it holds a Golden Rune 4.

Next to the corpse is a chest containing Exalted Flesh, so collect it and move behind the shack. A Somber Smithing Stone can be found here.

Collect it and proceed behind the shack to the right until you reach an alcove where a Stonedigger is mining. Take him out and loot the nearby corpse for a Large Glintstone Scrap.

Your work here is done. Now you must return to the previous cavern, this time heading towards the path beneath the platform. There will be two Stonediggers there; take them out and collect the Smithing Stone from the walls.

You’ll come across a corpse nearby holding Stanching Boluses, loot it, and proceed down the tunnel until you reach the ground floor.

Take out the Misbegotten enemies and the Stonediggers in the area. Loot the nearby corpse and you’ll find an Arteria Leaf.

Now there is a good deal of Smithing Stones around, and they’re all being mined by Stonediggers. You simply need to kill the Stonediggers and collect the Smithing Stones.

If you go to the middle back wall, you’ll find an alcove guarded by a Misbegotten foe. Take him out and go inside to collect a Somber Smithing Stone.

At this point, you’ll have two unexplored tunnels: one to the left, and the other in the far back right corner. To begin, take the tunnel on the left. It will lead you to a small alcove where a corpse can be looted for Soft Cotton.

Collect the Soft Cotton and return to explore the tunnel on the right. This tunnel will take you to a large wooden gate. The Scaly Misbegotten boss lurks behind the wooden gate.

A Somber Smithing Stone can be found in the far-right corner. Grab it and then go through the gate to fight Scaly Misbegotten.

How to Defeat Scaly Misbegotten Boss

The Scaly Misbegotten Boss is a larger Misbegotten enemy wielding an axe. Its attacks are long-range and hard-hitting, but they are all slow.

This means you’ll be able to dodge the attacks because you’ll see them coming. Also, employ a spirit summon to keep the boss occupied and take the aggro while you’ll deal damage over time.

The attacks in its arsenal are limited and should not bother you much. Simply stick to the basics and you’ll top this boss in no time. When the Scaly Misbegotten Boss falls, you’ll get the Rusted Anchor as a reward.

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