How To Get Miniature Ranni In Elden Ring

The Miniature Ranni doll can be found at Ainsel River Main if you move towards the northern part of Ainsel River in Elden Ring.

Miniature Ranni is one of those interesting items that you will come across in Elden Ring. What makes it special is the fact that it is a key item. This means that it can be given to a particular NPC which in turn will unlock areas and quests that you can peruse to progress further in Elden Ring.

This miniature doll has the appearance of a witch from head to toe. Once you get the doll you can speak with it and after completing its objectives you will get a key.

Furthermore finding the Ranni doll and completing her objectives is important because once you get the key you can unlock the chest at the Academy of the Raya Lucaria.

So if you are interested in finding this doll then we have covered all the details of how to get the Miniature Ranni doll in Elden Ring.

Miniature Ranni Doll location in Elden Ring

The Miniature Ranni doll can be found at Ainsel River Main if you move towards the northern part of Ainsel River. So you can reach this region by using the waygate at Renna’s Rise after giving Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade. From thereon, you need to travel to Ainsel River Main.

Once you get there move straight, and you will see two pieces of a large grey open coffin. Make your way towards them and when you get to the piece on the right you can acquire the Miniature Ranni doll.

If you look around you will also be able to acquire materials such as Silver Butterfly at that place. If you keep moving onward you will discover a lost grace site which you can activate and then rest at as well.

At the grace site, you can “talk to the Miniature Ranni” but to instigate the conversation you will have to press this option thrice.  After which she will mock you first stating you to be a “dodged fellow” with a habit to talk to dolls.

Then she will say that her presence in the miniature doll was supposed to be a secret and since we uncovered it by talking with her she will ask us to perform a service for her as recompense. This task will involve you eliminating the Baleful Shadows which roam these lands.

To find and eliminate the Baleful Shadow you will have to travel to an area that lies beyond the Nokstella Waterfall Basin grace site.

So simply use the grace site to travel to the Ainsel River Main area. After exiting that grace site you will find the enemy boss Baleful Shadow in that area.

Ranni will say some lines and then you can proceed to slay this enemy boss in the manner of your choosing. Once you complete the deed and finish the Baleful shadow, Miniature Ranni will applaud you first and then thank you for riding the place of this enemy in Elden Ring.

After that, she will say farewell to you and the appearance of miniature Ranni will also change. You will receive the Discarded Palace Key as a reward for completing this task as well.

Travel to the Academy of the Raya Lucaria where you can use this key to open the chest and receive the Dark Moon Ring in Elden Ring.

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