Elden Ring Madness Builds Guide

Madness is one of the newly added status effects in the game, so it is very important for the players to have knowledge about some of the best Elden Ring Madness builds. Let’s look at our Madness builds in detail, so you can have an idea of how strong these builds can prove in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Madness Builds

Madness is an interesting status effect in Elden Ring. When you the Madness meter fills up, players take percentage-based damage to their HP as well as to their FP. While the damage isn’t as great as Bleed, the FP drain can stop many opposing builds in PvP.

However, the Strongest Aspect of Madness is the fact that once the Madness meter fills, players suffering from Madness will enter a lengthy animation. During this time, you can damage them all you want.

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Frenzy Spam Build

Flask Spread:  Lean towards FP but otherwise 50/50

Weapons: Vyke’s War Spear, Frenzied Flame Seal

Stats: Vigor (Primary), Faith (Primary), Endurance (Secondary), and Mind (Secondary)

Spells: Frenzied Burst, The Flame of Frenzy, Unendurable Frenzy, Howl of Shabiri, Inescapable Frenzy

Tank Madness Build

Flask Spread: Lean towards FP but otherwise 50/50

Weapons: Vyke’s War Spear, Fingerprint Stone Shield

Armor: Bull Goat Armor

Stats: Vigor (Primary), Faith (Primary), Strength (Secondary), and Dexterity (Secondary)

Talisman: Greatshield Talisman

Best Stats for Madness Builds in Elden Ring

For Frenzy Spam build, you must focus on having more points in vigor and faith that are the primary stats, and the rest can go for other attributes.

A large value for Mind allows you to cast weapons for a longer time and survive some hits as well. Moreover, high Endurance helps you to have a good enough amount of armor and stamina for the battle.

For Tank Madness build, you must focus on having more points in vigor and endurance that will provide you some extra stamina and health bonuses.

Strength and Dexterity can be used as secondary stats to keep a backup of boost in attacking powers through access to more weapons and enhanced attacking capabilities.

Best Weapon for Madness Builds

For both builds, Vyke’s War Spear is the only melee weapon that is to be used. Using Vyke’s War Spear, players can leap up into the air and thrust the spear down to the ground. This causes an explosion of Frenzy Flame to occur, thus causing a huge amount of damage. This weapon is very strong due to its move set and weapon art.

While using Vyke’s War Spear, players need to be mindful that the spear not only casts madness on the enemy but also the players. For this reason, players must stay careful while using the spear.

For your incantations, you’ll be using Frenzy Flame Seal which boosts Frenzy Flame incantations. Another good thing about this seal is that it scales well with Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, and Faith.

These stats buff the Frenzied Flame Incantations by 20% that will help you deal greater damage while fighting against enemies.

Best Armor for Madness Builds

We will use Bull-Goat armor for the Tank Madness build. Bull Goat Helm can be used to Increase your defensive capabilities by increasing damage resistance. It also gives you high poise.

For Frenzy Spam build you can pretty much use any heavy armor that you prefer.

Best Spells for Madness Builds

Spells are our focus only for the Frenzy Spam build. We will be using five spells for this build to constantly bombard your enemies with status effects. The first one to use is Frenzied Burst which can be charged for increased damage to penetrate enemy defenses.

Unendurable Frenzy Spell comes in two different parts. The first one is like The Frenzied Flame except for the fact that you cannot charge it and can cast it until your stamina ends. The second part is that you are locked for three seconds while you randomly shoot flames, making you open to attacks.

Howl of Shabiri Spell supports you in two ways. The first one is that it lowers all types of protection while the second one is to gain the aggro of the closest enemy.

The last spell is Inescapable Frenzy which scales off what you have in your right hand. Note that the total damage done by this spell relies on the critical damage of the weapon in the right hand of the wielder.

Best Shield for Madness Builds

You can use a shield with Tank Madness Build. For this purpose, Fingerprint Stone Shield is a good option.

Fingerprint Stone Shield is a Greatshield which are pegged as the safests shields to have in Elden Ring. It also scales with Strength which is a primary stat in the build and hence makes the build even stronger.

You can enhance the effect of Madness by combining it with Vyke’s War spear and then attack the enemy. This will freeze them for a while after which you can do a shield charge.

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