How To Get Jellyfish Shield In Elden Ring

Greatshields are one of the best sources of protection in Elden Ring and the Jellyfish Shield is no exception. Here is how to get it!

The Jellyfish Shield is yet another Greatshield that offers some of the best defense and protection in Elden Ring.

It has a decent scaling in strength and provides a 100% physical block rate to thrusting attacks. The Jellyfish shield has become a fan favorite and a highly demanded Greatshield to acquire to go up against the likes of different types of enemies and bosses.  

If you still have not gotten the Icon Shield, you can make do with the Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring.

Jellyfish Shield location in Elden Ring

To find the Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring, you must head over to the western side of Liurnia of the Lakes which is found on the western part of the Four Belfries area. 

Simply follow the location marked on the Elden Ring map above to find the exact spot where you will find the Jellyfish Shield. 

Once at the marked location on the map, head north and up the hill to find a group of red Spirit Jellyfishes near a corpse and a broken cart. You can either fight off the group of Jellyfishes to acquire the weapon or collect the Jellyfish Shield without engaging in a battle with the group.  

However, it is recommended to defeat all Jellyfish as they are known to attack you as soon as you collect the Jellyfish shield from the broken cart they are guarding.  

How to use Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring

What makes the Jellyfish Shield great is its unique skill called Contagious Fury. With this skill, you can increase your overall attack power for a few seconds. That brief period will be enough to do tons of damage to either a single target or multiple enemies in your way.

You can use this default skill by pressing L2 (with the shield equipped) to receive an additional 20% increase in damage for the next 30 seconds.  

Jellyfish Shield upgrades and stats 

  • Physical Attack: 123 
  • Magic Damage: 0 
  • Fire Damage: 0 
  • Lightning Damage: 0 
  • Holy Damage: 0 
  • Critical: 100 
  • Physical Absorption: 100 
  • Magic Defense: 55 
  • Fire Defense: 55 
  • Lightning Defense: 48 
  • Holy Defense: 55 
  • Guard Boost: 50 
  • Attribute Scaling: D STR 
  • Attributes Required: 20 STR, 14 DEX 
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