Where To Find Imp Head (Wolf) Helm In Elden Ring

The following guide is about the Imp Head wolf helm, one of the six Imp Head helms you can find in Elden Ring to enhance your defensive stats.

Where To Find Imp Head (Wolf) Helm In Elden Ring

All of the six Imp Head helms are scattered across the Lands Between. They can all be obtained by defeating the Forked Greatsword wielding Wolf-Headed Imps in the Catacombs of the game.

The Imp Head helms are heavyweight, individual armor pieces, meaning that they are not part of any armor set. They are, however, pretty cosmetic in nature. Many players prefer to just find all of the Imp Head helms to complete their collection.

Imp Head Wolf weighs 8.1 and for that very reason, most players tend to find other headgears that are more mobile. While the helms do give good defensive stats, they come at the cost of mobility. When facing mobile bosses, these helms will surely weigh you down.

The Imp Head (Wolf) helm can be found in the Minor Erdtree Catacombs as marked on the map below.

Enter the dungeon and take the lift down. Now, send the lift back up again to reveal a room below. Once the lift is out of the way, jump into the room below.

Travel through the rotten hallway. Take the first right into another corridor. Go ahead up and take the first right again where you’ll find a ladder. Climb up the ladder which will lead you to a hallway. Reach the end of the hallway to find your Imp Head Wolf helm.

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