How To Get Imp Head (Wolf) In Elden Ring 

In Elden Ring, the Imp Head (Wolf) is a headgear resembling a wolf. In addition to protection, it also boosts Endurance.

Imp Head (Wolf) helm is one of the six Imp Head Helm found in Elden Ring that impart defense characteristics to players.  

The Imp Head (Wolf) looks like a wolf’s head when worn and is considered a heavyweight piece of equipment with a weight of 8.1 units.

This Helm mainly provides protection along with raising a single attribute. Each one of the 6 Imp Head Helms increases one attribute by +2 and the attribute for Imp Head (Wolf) is Endurance. 

In terms of Damage Negation and Resistance, the Imp Head (Wolf) performs well, but this is shadowed by the fact that it has heavyweight. This means that only builds with enough points in Endurance can wield this. However, acquiring this helm is very easy so let’s get into that. 

Where to find the Imp Head (Wolf) helm in Elden Ring  

There are two ways to find the Imp Head (Wolf) helm in Elden Ring. You can either farm Wolf-Headed Imps until one of them drops the helmet or loot the Wolf helm from the Minor Erdtree Catacombs.

Wolf-Headed Imp locations 

Wolf-Head Imps are humanoid enemies but you do not need to kill all of them for the Wolf helm. You need to only kill the ones that carry a Greatsword. This is known as the Forked Greatsword and is pretty good for several builds that scale with Strength and Dexterity.

The Greatsword-wielding Wolf-Head Imps have a 1.5 percent chance of dropping the Imp Head (Wolf) helm in Elden Ring. You can find them in various Catacomb locations in Elden Ring which have been marked below.

Wolf-Headed Imp map locations in Elden Ring

Minor Erdtree Catacombs 

Go to the Minor Erdtree Catacombs in Caelid and take the elevator to go down. Once at the lower level, you need to go further downwards by dropping down and then heading right till you reach a room with the ladder which is on the point marked on the map below.  

Imp Head (Wolf) map location in Elden Ring

After reaching this room, look for a sculptured coffin with a corpse wearing the Imp Head Wolf lying on it. Loot it to obtain this item.  

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