Hot To Get Honed Bolt In Elden Ring

Honed Bolt is one of the Dragon Cult Incantations in Elden Ring that can deal lightning damage by raining down a lightning bolt from the sky.

In terms of DPS, it can significantly outperform Lightning Spear which also falls in the same lightning damage category. The damage done can be further enhanced by enhancing it with Gravel Stone Seal.

Because of its ability to be equipped quickly, it can deal damage before enemies have time to think for a counter. You can then repeatedly cast Honed Bolt to stun the enemy and further increase the DPS.

Honed Bolt location in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you can easily purchase the Honed Bolt from brother Corhyn or Miriel in Church of Vows.

However, unlike other items that can be purchased from merchants for Runes, Honed Bolt can only be purchased if you have Dragon Cult Prayerbook in exchange. On top of the Dragon Cult Prayerbook, you also need 7000 Runes.

How to get a Dragon Cult Prayerbook

To get your hands on Dragon Cult Prayerbook, you need to find and defeat Leyndell Knight.


In Elden Ring, there are a total of four regions where you can find Leyndell Knight, but you need to find the one located east of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Once in Liurnia of Lakes, you need to head south of Artist’s Shack and you will be faced with Leyndell Knight. You then need to defeat him, and he will drop Dragon Cult Prayerbook.

After getting the Dragon Cult Prayerbook, you need to head to the Church of Vows. You can get there by traveling to the eastern part of Luirnia of Lakes. Once there, you need to present the Dragon Cult Prayerbook to either Corhyn or Miriel.

Doing so will get you the option to purchase the Honed Bolt for 7000 Runes.

How to use Honed Bolt in Elden Ring

As soon as you have got your hands on Honed Bolt, you can equip it from the inventory. Soon after that, you can use it by pressing the casting button on the console which will be R1 for PlayStation and L1 for Xbox.

Just find a potential enemy that you need to cast Honed Bolt on, and it will cast a bolt of lightning from the sky.

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