How To Hide Helm In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you can't see your character's face due to wearing a helmet. But by hiding your helm, you can see your character's face!

It’s a shame that you spend hours creating the perfect look for your character in the game but can’t see their face in Elden Ring. This is because you will most likely be wearing a helmet or some other form of headgear for protection. Fortunately for you, Elden Ring offers the option of seeing your character’s faces by hiding your helm. 

However, this can come at the expense of protection capacity since removing the helmet will leave you vulnerable and open to damage. Therefore, if you’re willing to take the chances, you can follow the guide below to see how to hide your helmet in Elden Ring. 

How to hide your helmet in Elden Ring 

There are various methods for hiding your character’s helmet in Elden Ring. Below have discussed each method with their respective pros and cons as well: 

Use the Status Menu 

The first method is through the Status Menu. Make your way to the Status Menu and hide your character’s helmet in Elden Ring using the following buttons across the platforms: 

  • X on Xbox 
  • Square on on PlayStation 
  • Right-Click + Select to Hide option on PC 

However, this method only removes your character’s helmet on the status menu instead of fully removing it during the gameplay.  

Unequip the helmet 

If you are looking forward to completely removing your helmet, then the last resort is to fully un-equip the helmet in Elden Ring. However, this is not a recommended method since removing your character’s helmet will leave them open for attacks.  

Although un-equipping your helmet will not affect your Absorption stats completely, it is still known to leave your character vulnerable to high-level boss attacks. 

Use the Hidden Helmet mod in Elden Ring

Another method you can use is the Hidden Helmets mod. This mod allows players to hide their helmets while maintaining all the stats of the helmet.

Do note that this is a third-party mod, meaning that it is not verified by FromSoftware. Using this mod carries a risk of having your account banned. Though, thousands of players have been using it for the past year or more without issues.   

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