Elden Ring Godfrey Boss Guide

This guide will help you fight against Godfrey in Elden Ring and teach you some tips and tricks on how to defeat him on your first try.

In Elden Ring, you must face many bosses to progress through certain areas. One such boss fight takes place against Godfrey, the First Elden Lord. This guide will help you fight against Godfrey in Elden Ring and teach you some tips and tricks on how to defeat him on your first try.

Elden Ring Godfrey Location

The game does not take it easy on the players when you are facing a boss, especially when you are against a Legend Boss. Your fight against Godfrey, First Elden Lord, takes place later on in the game. You need to defeat him to advance to the Legacy Dungeon.

The Godfrey boss fight will take place in Leyndell, Royall Capital. Before you take him on, you need to be equal to or above Level 80 if you want an easy time with this fight.

Godfrey Recommended Level and Weakness

Godfrey is an end game boss; the only other bosses are Radagon and Elden Beast themselves. This means that Godfrey is not a push over and you need to be strong to take him down.

You need to be at least level 100 to even try to fight him, equipped with at least a +17 weapon, or a +7 weapon if you are using the special weapons.

Like most of the bosses, Godfrey is weak to Bleed, Frost and Scarlet Rot in the game. Due to his aggressive style, Godfrey focuses on the main Tarnished, attempting to deal the highest damage to them. This means that any ranged summon can be perfect for the boss fight as long as you are even mildly aggressive on melee hits to Godfrey.

Godfrey Attacks and Counters

Godfrey was the first Elden Lord and he has a lot of strong attacks befitting that title. Let us look at them so you know what you are up against and how can you avoid getting hit as much as possible.

Phase 1

The most common is a combo of melee attacks where Godfrey will dash towards you and swing his axe. After two or three swings, Godfrey will slam the axe into the ground and this will mark the end of his combo. Always dodge these attacks left or right, as dodging back will result in you getting hit.

Godfrey will slam his axe into the ground, breaking the ground and causing a fissure to open up. After a very short delay, Godfrey will pull out his axe, also exploding the ground behind him. The attack has short range and you can simply walk away from it. If you get hit, you will be launched into the air and will be open to Godfrey’s combo.

The last attack in this phase is where Godfrey will slam his leg on the ground, sending out shockwaves. These shockwaves span throughout the arena, and you can avoid them with excellent dodge timing, or by simply jumping. The move is seldom used if you stay close to Godfrey, so it will only be a problem for casters.

Phase 2

Godfrey has now turned into Hoarah Loux, Warrior and has ditched his axe in favor of an extremely aggressive hand to hand combat. Keep in mind that all attacks from Hoarah Loux are extremely fast.

The first attack is the same, but the combo is from his fists instead of his axe. The attacks are fast and include a slam at the end. The attacks are fast, so this is the only time in the game when dodging rapidly is the most viable counter. Avoid blocking as your guard will be broken and he will follow up with his grapple instead.

The second major attack is the Grapple. Hoarah Loux will call forth his inspiration from WWE and slam you into the ground. He will slam you into the air, then jump up and grab you as he slams your head into the ground. The attack always starts with a dash towards you where Hoarah Loux closes the distance and then begins the attack. Dodging to any side, except behind, will allow you to dodge the attack.

The last attack is the shockwave attack. Again, Hoarah Loux will raise his leg and stomp twice with shockwaves that span the entire arena. You can avoid these with a well-timed dodge or a jump.

How to Defeat Godfrey Boss in Elden Ring

The fight against Godfrey is a two-part boss fight, where the first part of the boss fight will be quite easier than the second. We will be covering both parts of the fight and tell you about the rewards you get from this boss fight as well.

First Phase

Godfrey will spawn in a ghost-like figure with a huge axe that can reach long distances. However, there is an easy trick to use against Godfrey and defeat him easily.

Spirit Summons and Ashes of War are crucial for this boss fight, along with the Flask of Cerulean Tears.

Spirit Summons will spawn NPC creatures that will aid you in the fight. The spirits will intercept with Godfrey and take his focus away from you. Use this opportunity to attack Godfrey as much as you can.

On the other hand, with the help of Ashes of War, you can easily deal damage to Godfrey from a distance and keep spamming it until he is dead.

The Flask of Cerulean Tears will help you regain Focus Points (FP) during the fight to keep using special abilities.

The attacks performed by Godfrey can be seen from a mile away as he winds his attacks to deal more damage. You can easily dodge his attacks or block them with the help of a shield. However, his attacks will take away a lot of your HP if you get hit by them.

Attacking him from a distance is the key strategy while looking out for his charge attacks and axe throw.

Second Phase

When half of his health bar has been depleted, he will transform to his original form, Hoarah Louxe, Warrior. He will be more aggressive towards you now and will keep charging towards you although this time without an axe..

However, the only attack that you need to be careful of is when he forms a lava-like surface on the ground and makes it explode in a large circle. The execution of this attack will take him longer than his usual attacks, but the area it covers and the damage dealt will this attack will be huge.

Use that time to get out of the area of attack and wait for it to complete. Then, Godfrey will leave an opening for you to attack. Use the opening to deal as much damage as you can.

Godfrey Drops

After Godfrey has been defeated, you will get 80,000 Runes and a Talisman Pouch as rewards.

How to Cheese Godfrey

There is one exploit cheese and two genuine cheeses for taking down Godfrey. Let us look at the exploit first.

What you want to do is jump on the railing before the fog wall leading into the Godfrey Boss fight.

Now, on this railing, you want to jump around the pillar and get to the railing on the other side. Do this by jumping and then using the heavy attack to ensure you land on the railing just before the fog gate.

From here, exit to the main menu and ten reload the save. As your game is loading, start inputting the sprint command and when the game loads in, you will be inside the Godfrey arena without activating the boss fight.

From here, you can either directly approach Radagon by entering the Erdtree, or start attacking Godfrey. He will not do anything in the first phase, but once you get to 40% health, he will transform into Hoarah Loux and the battle will continue as normal.

For this phase, we have the second cheese that can be used even when fighting him normally. Since all of his attacks as Hoarah Loux deal only physical damage, we can easily block them. Use a Greatshield and equip the Green Turtle Talisman. Second, make sure your shield has the Barricade Shield Ash of War so you can further reduce stamina consumption. Use a Spear to attack from behind your shield and take down Hoarah Loux.

The last cheese involves you simply calling in a strong archer or caster Spirit. Keep the heat on you and keep on evading and blocking Godfrey’s and Hoarah Loux’s attacks and let your ranged summon do the job. If Godfrey decides to go after your summon, start using Comet Azur or the Rock Sling sorceries to stop him and even stun him.

Godfrey First Elden Lord Lore

Though most players might not realize this, Godfrey is a character of great importance in Elden Ring’s story and lore. Godfrey was originally Hoarah Loux, a warrior. He was known for his extreme strength and bloodlust that ensured victories for him against his enemies.

Seeing his prowess in battle, Queen Marika made him her consort so that he would fight battle on her behalf, and this is how a bloodlust warrior become the first Elden Lord. To suppress his bloodlust, Hoarah Loux took on the persona of Godfrey.

With Godfrey, Marika gave birth to Godwyn and the Omen Twins, Morgott and Mohg. Godfrey served as the commander of Marika’s armies in her quest to expand the Golden Order, until when he was replaced by Radagon.

After Queen Marika’s quest to expand the Golden Order was completed, Godfrey lost the grace he had in his eyes and was exiled from the Lands In between, making him the first Tarnished in history. There is an ongoing debate whether the grace was taken away by the Greater Will, or Marika herself.

In his exile, Marika ordered him to fight battles outside the Lands In Between and strengthen his fighting spirits before he is recalled by the grace. This again leads to multiple questions that are yet unanswered.

After the Shattering, Greater Will is desperate for someone to fix the Golden Order and the Tarnished were blessed with Grace, including Hoarah Loux. He has now returned and is willing to take his place as the Elden Lord again. when you face him, he is also at the entrance of the Erdtree, ready to become Marika’s consort, and hence, the Elden Lord again.