How To Get The Gelmir Knight Set In Elden Ring

The Gelmir Knight Set is perhaps one of the most daunting-looking armor sets in Elden Ring. Here is how to get the set.

In Elden Ring, you will find many places where enemies are not that difficult to tackle but some areas such as the Gelmir Hero’s Grave which is especially notorious for their labyrinthian design of corridors and walkways. You can skip it but you will miss out on the Gelmir Knight Armor set.

The Gelmir Knight Armor set is an elegant and beautiful armor set. With the looks, it also offers excellent protection to the wearer. That’s why it is a must-have for any player struggling to find a good armor set. we will now look into how to find this armor set and what are its stats in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Gelmir Knight Set in Elden Ring

You can loot the Gelmir Knight armor set from a corpse inside the Gelmir Hero’s Grave dungeon. You can reach this location after gaining access to the central parts of Mt. Gelmir in Elden Ring.

Do note that there are two corpses in the same area that give you two armor sets. Just behind the Gelmir Knight’s corpse is another dead body that you can loot for the Bloodhound Knight Set.

Gelmir Knight Set map location in Elden Ring

After reaching the Gelmir Hero’s Site of Grace, move to the arch to your left. This will lead to a corridor sloping down with lava on both sides and a racing chariot that will crush anything in its way.

The corridor also has small openings on the left and right which you can use to avoid the chariot and move forward.

You will also find skeleton archers and swordsmen which you have to ignore and let them get crushed under the chariot. Move on along the corridor path and look for an arch that will take you to the big hall. This arch is near the end of the path.

In the big room, you will find multiple weak enemies and some of which will kill you if you are not careful. You can also ignore them and move along the stairs and through the archway to the left. There will be a flaming gargoyle which you can defeat with a long-ranged weapon.

Move straight through the arch and you will end up with another corridor with the racing chariot. You can use the same trick of moving while taking cover using the opening on the sides. The skeletons will also emerge in the side rooms but they don’t have much health.

Towards the end of the corridor, you will find a bridge. About midway through this bridge, jump down along the bridge wall and you will land on a platform. This platform has an arch next to a corpse. This arch will have a path that will lead to a big room. In this room, you will find the Bloodhound Knight.

The Knight does not have much health, but it is agile enough to give you a hard time. When the Bloodhound Knight is defeated, it will drop the Bloodhound Knight armor set. At the end of the room there is an elevated grave and next to this grave is the Gelmir Knight Armor set on the corpse.

You can also take a shortcut and avoid the second chariot to reach the Bloodhound room. In the lava corridor, reach the bridge and jump to the right-end corner where the bridge ends.

You will land on a small ledge. Jump down and to your right, you will have a window which you can go into. This window leads directly to the room where the Gelmir Knight Armor set is located in Elden Ring. Take the ladder to get down and confront the Bloodhound Knight.

Gelmir Knight Set stats

The Gelmir Knight Armor set is a medium-weight armor set with 28.1 weight. It is an A-Tier Armor set because of its protection stats.

The damage negation provided by the Gelmir armor set is 26.5 for Physical attacks, 22.6 for Strike attacks, 27.4 for Slash attacks, 26.5 for Pierce attacks, 21.7 for Magic attacks, 24.6 for Fire attacks, 20.4 for Lightening attacks and 21.7 for Holy attacks.

The armor provides resistance as 83 for Immunity, 130 for Robustness, 57 for Focus, 55 for Vitality, and 51 for Poise.

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