How To Get The Frenzied Burst Spell In Elden Ring

Frenzied Burst inflicts enemies with the Madness status effect to force them to lose their FP and take health damage in Elden Ring.

If you are looking for a Madness-based build in Elden Ring, you will need to find the Frenzied Burst incantation in Elden Ring.

Not only does this spell have a large coverage area, but a fully charged Frenzied Burst spell will also completely ignore your enemy’s defenses. Hence, making it easy to not only inflict Madness on multiple enemies near you but also go through their defenses.

Finding Frenzied Burst is going to need a bit of traveling from your end. That and a sharp eye to spot a special Teardrop Scarab.

Where to find Frenzied Burst in Elden Ring?

Frenzied Burst is one of the strongest spells in Elden Ring, and hence is one of the hardest to find as well. This Flame of Frenzy incantation is dropped by a Teardrop Scarab in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Start by making your way to the south of the Church of Inhibition. The Teardrop Scarab’s location is here, just north of the Frenzied Flame Village.

You will find the Teardrop Scarab in the forest but it will not be alone. There will also be a few frenzied rats that you must deal with first because they are going to keep attacking you as you try to attack the Scarab.

Once the rats are gone, get the Teardrop Scarab to drop the Frenzied Burst incantation in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Frenzied Burst Location

How to use Frenzied Burst in Elden Ring

The Frenzied Burst spell inflicts enemies with the Madness status effect to force them to lose their FP and take health damage, at least once you are able to max out the Madness meter.

Frenzied Burst has a high range in Elden Ring and can even penetrate through the enemy’s defenses and shields. The incantation requires 22 Faith to be used. It costs 24 FP per use and you only need 1 memory slot to memorize the incantation.

The incantation costs very little FP to cast and deals massive damage, especially when charged. It can easily knock down enemies and stagger those trying to block the attack.

All Frenzy spells in Elden Ring

In terms of frenzy incantations, you will discover five of these in Elden Ring.

Frenzy IncantationRequirementsWhat They Do
Frenzied BurstIntelligence (0),Faith (22), Arcane (0)Upon using it you will emit a fiery blast of frenzy through your eyes
Howl of ShabririIntelligence (0),Faith (33), Arcane (0)Once it is used on your foes it will cause status effect “Madness” on them.
Inescapable FrenzyIntelligence (0),Faith (21), Arcane (0)Like the nae suggests it latches on your enemies and causes status effect  “Madness” on them.
The Flame of FrenzyIntelligence (0),Faith (16), Arcane (0)Attack has similar effects like frenzied burst as it too emits a flame of frenzy through your eyes on your foes.
Unendurable FrenzyIntelligence (0),Faith (31), Arcane (0)Upon using it you will emit a fiery blast (frenzy) through your eyes

However, keep in mind that in order to use these incantations in Elden Ring you will require “Faith”. As it will help you in performing these Frenzied incantations.

Similarly, the Frenzied Flame seal will increase the output of damage for these frenzied flames by 20 percent which will make a huge difference during your battles as well.

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