How To Get Finger Snap In Elden Ring

The Finger Snap is one of the many gestures you can get and use in Elden Ring. You can use to communicate with other players among other things!

Finger Snap is one of the many gestures or emotes that you can unlock for your character in Elden Ring.

As already obvious from its name, you can use the gesture to snap your fingers at any point in the game. This can be either to taunt enemies after a long PvP duel or a boss that you just put down.

Gestures are a feature in Elden Ring that allows players to express themselves without dialogue. You will have access to a total of forty-six gestures. Most of these are used to communicate non-verbally with summoned players and the like while some gestures can be used to unlock areas and equipment.

If you are looking to get the Finger Snap gesture in Elden Ring, keep reading.

Where to find the Finger Snap gesture in Elden Ring 

To get the Finger Snap gesture, first head to the Mistwood Ruins inside the Mistwood Jungle until you hear the howling of a wolf.

Now go to the Church of Elleh and talk to Merchant Kale and ask him about the howling in Mistwood. Kale will tell you about Blaidd and he will teach the Finger Snap gesture.  

Where to use the Finger Snap gesture in Elden Ring 

Players can use the Finger Snap gesture to call Blaidd, a half-wolf, out of his resting place atop the ruins to speak with the Tarnished.

The Finger Snap emote is also a great way to congratulate your opponents for their win over a boss or to humiliate their dead opponent after a fight. 

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