Elden Ring Deathbird Boss Guide

Deathbird is a recurring and optional boss in Elden Ring. The only reason to defeat him is for the bonus...

Deathbird is a recurring and optional boss in Elden Ring. The only reason to defeat him is for the bonus loot which players can make good use of in the game. The following guide will highlight everything there is to know about the Deathbird boss, including his location, strengths, weaknesses, and attack patterns.

Elden Ring Deathbird Location

Deathbird only appears at night and can be found at the locations given below

Limgrave: You need to move east from Warmaster’s Shack and climb the cliff right in front.

Weeping Peninsula: You need to move north from Morne Castle and look under the cliff.

Liurnia of the Lakes: You need to move northeast from the Scenic Isle site of grace to find the boss resting under the ruined wall.

Capital Outskirts: You need to move east from the Hermit Merchant’s Shack to find the Deathbird boss.

Mountaintop of the Giants: There are 2 Deathbirds in this region;  one near the center, next to the minor Erdtree, and one on the top left, next to the Apostate Derelict.

Deathbird Recommended Level and Weaknesses

Since Deathbird is a flying creature, one of the most effective ways to defeat him is by going for the head since most flying creatures such as Flying Dragon Agheel are vulnerable when hit on the head.

Therefore, make sure to land as many attacks on his head to cause maximum damage. He is also quite weak against weapons that deal Holy damage.

This allows Faith users to deal damage using Holy Pots or other Holy Damage-based weapons. The Sacred Blade Ash of War can be quite useful as well.

Keep in mind that, to face the flying beast known as Deathbird, it’s recommended that you must be at level 45 or above if you want to survive longer in the fight against this bird.

Deathbird Attacks and Counters

Below, we’ve given all Deathbird attacks and tips on countering them.

Cane Thrust

Using the Cane Thrust attack, Deathbird pulls a cane and then follows up by doing a forward thrust.

You can simply roll away through the thrust to avoid the damage once the boss executes the Cane Thrust.

Cane Sweep

As for the Cane Sweep, the boss raises the Cane upwards to perform the sweep. Similar to the Cane Thrust, you can simply roll through the attack to avoid damage.

Cane Thrust and Pull

Using this attack, Deathbird shoves his Cane into the ground to cause a shockwave affecting anyone coming in its radius.

You can simply roll away from the shockwave to avoid the damage before he pulls the Cane back.

Cane Slam

Cane Slam is similar to Cane Thrust and Pull. The only difference is that during Cane Slam, Deathbird uses both of his hands to raise the Cane before slamming it into the ground.

You can avoid the damage by rolling between the legs of the boss and landing a few of your attacks.


Speaking of legs, if you’re between his legs for too long, Deathbird pecks you.

The best possible method to avoid any type of damage from the peck is by rolling to the boss’s backside.

Leaping Slam

One of its most lethal attacks is the Leaping Slam, where Deathbird jumps in mid-air and then performs an over-head slam to the ground.

This attack may be avoided by rolling through the Slam but still requires a good timing.

Fiery sweep, then Slam

Deathbird performs a full-horizontal swing using this attack before doing an overhead slam.

You can counter this attack by rolling through the swing and then rolling to the opposite side, where he performs an overhead slam.

How to Defeat Deathbird Boss in Elden Ring

Deathbird can be taken down with either melee or ranged attacks, the latter requiring players to keep riding Torrent all the time during the fight. Going melee though can prove to be a challenge.

You can add up Spirit Summons as well by taking the boss to a hill in the north. Deathbird might disappear along the way.

If that happens, quickly head back to his original spawning location so that his health doesn’t regenerate. Otherwise, his health bar will get back to full. Hence, make sure that you don’t stray from the site too much.

Ranged Strategy

Spellcasters and Archers shouldn’t face any difficulty in defeating this boss. They just need to ride Torrent to make circles around Deathbird while shooting arrows or casting spells.

Using Incantations will be more effective against this boss as compared to Sorcerers who cannot cause Holy damage.

Try to keep a decent amount of distance from the boss to save yourself from a potential melee attack.

Melee Strategy

Summoning Torrent to a melee fight will not be a good decision. You need to get in close some other way. Make sure to attack him from below his body so that he can’t touch you while using his gigantic melee swings.

Take note that you can stagger Deathbird easily. That should come in handy. Also, normal heavy attacks are most useful at his feet. Jumping light attacks as he tries to fly will prove beneficial as well.

Elden Ring Deathbird Drops

Upon defeating Deathbird, players will be rewarded the following items based on the location where they defeated the boss

  • Sacrificial Axe at Weeping Peninsula – Recovers FP on each kill.
  • Blue-Feathered Branch Sword at Limgrave – Raises defense with low HP and 3900 Runes.
  • Red-Feathered Branch Sword at Liurnia of the Lakes – Raises damage of players with low HP.
  • Twinbird Kite Shield at Capital Outskirts – Enhances defense.

How to Cheese Deathbird

Like the Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight, you can head up a high structure such as a cliff when fighting Deathbird at Limgrave and start throwing arrows at the bird to deal as much damage as possible.

Although it will perform a few slams attack that might cause some type of damage to you, you can simply roll away from it to avoid the damage.

In conclusion, continue attacking Deathbird with arrows from the top of the cliff till you defeat it and acquire a Blue-Feathered Branchsword, a defense Talisman, and 3,900 Runes

What to Do If Deathbird is Not Spawning?

The best noted time when Deathbird spawns is at night. Therefore, look for him when it’s dark. However, if he still doesn’t spawn, you might want to roam around a bit, and you’ll eventually spawn the boss.

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