Elden Ring Flying Dragon Agheel Boss Guide

This Elden Ring Flying Dragon Agheel Boss guide will show how you can easily defeat Flying Dragon Agheel in the game

One of the most exciting things about Elden Ring is its bosses as majority of them are not compulsory for you to defeat. Flying Dragon Agheel is such an example and one of the most powerful bosses to face in the game. The following Elden Ring Flying Dragon Agheel Boss guide will show how you can easily defeat Flying Dragon Agheel in the game.

Elden Ring Flying Dragon Agheel Location

You can find Flying Dragon Agheel in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins of Limgrave. Head east from the Church of Elleh till you reach the ruins where Flying Dragon Agheel is guarding a dungeon to reach the location.

Where to Find Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

Flying Dragon Agheel Not Spawning?

Spawning Agheel is quite difficult for most players. However, it’s not as hard as you imagine it to be.

Flying Dragon Agheel is triggered to spawn once you enter its area of land (Dragon Burnt Ruins) and confront its servants. This is where the dragon drops from the sky and spawns for a boss fight.

Flying Dragon Agheel Recommended Level and Weaknesses

Slaying the beast known as Agheel will surely be tough, but knowing its strengths and weaknesses will do half of your job, leading you to an easy victory.

It’s highly recommended to be at level 47 and +4 weapon level to fight this menace.

Agheel doesn’t have any particular weakness. The best way to slay this beast is by attacking a single spot to eventually deal damage. This can be done by using Piercing damage on its head.

If you’re a melee player, you’ll have a hard time aiming for its head since Agheel doesn’t lower its head repeatedly. On the other, if you’re a ranged attack, you just need to lock an attack on the dragon’s head and aim for a good shot.

Flying Dragon Agheel Attacks and Counters

Below are all the Flying Dragon Agheel attacks and their counters:

Standing Fire Breath

This is a ranged attack and has two variations. The first type is an aimed attack, while the other is a sweeping attack.

To execute the aimed attack, Agheel creates flames inside its mouth and shoots them in your direction, dealing tremendous damage upon contact.

The Sweeping attack is similar to the aimed attack, but this time, the dragon tilts its head a bit and shoots flames from its left to the right. This is a more lethal attack as compared to its aimed version.

Flying Firebreath

Another attack with two variations. The first type is a fly-by, while the other is a retreat.

Agheel jumps into the air at an angle for the fly-by attack and starts shooting flames at the target.

As for the retreat version, you’ll see the dragon hovering over the ground and shooting flames in a wide curve to deal damage.


Agheel flies above for three wingbeats, then performs a divebomb atop of its targets.


Agheel dashes forward, tilting its head to the side, and knocks its targets out with its horn.

Double Elite

This attack is called Double Elite since it’s performed twice but with a different position. The first attack is performed from the left, where Agheel bites its opponents, then does the same attack from the right.


Agheel uses two variations of this attack. The first one is a slam attack, while the other is a sweeping attack.

Agheel raises one of its wings to perform the slam attack and then slams it onto the target.

Agheel raises one of its wings for the sweeping attack and then sweeps it across the opponent.


Agheel raises one of its feet and then slams it on the ground to create a shockwave.

Tail Whip

Once the opponent is behind Agheel, it curls its tail and then spins to face it.

Repositioning Hop

Agheel jumps in the air and turns to face the opponent.

How to Counter Agheel’s Attacks

  • For both variations of Standing Fire Breath, Sprint towards the dragon to reach its head and land a heavy attack.
  • For both variations of the Flying Firebreath, spring away from Agheel as soon as possible.
  • For the Divebomb, wait for Agheel’s third wingbeat to roll once Agheel starts descending. Follow this up by landing a heavy attack.
  • Charge can be countered simply by moving aside and away from its radius of attack and follow up with an attack of your own.
  • The best way to Counter the Double Elite is by rolling between the dragons’ legs to deal damage.
  • Wing attacks can be countered by rolling through and attacking the wing.
  • When executing the Stomp, jump between the dragon’s body and perform a heavy attack.
  • Tail Whip can be countered by rolling forward then performing an attack.
  • When Agheel performs the Repositioning Hop, simply run towards the dragon

How to Defeat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

To defeat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden ring, we recommend multiple strategies so that you can choose which strategy suits you the most and defeat that boss easily.

The first strategy we recommend is using melee attacks. Stay close to its claws and wings throughout the fight, using Torrent to narrow the distance.

Deliver a stomp strike at the dragon, then rotate to the opposite side of Agheel to land a couple of hits.

Agheel’s tail swipe attack shouldn’t be much effective if you stay near the front. However, you must be aware of its fire breath attacks, which are extremely difficult to avoid when holding the monster. It’s important to avoid the attacks by rolling through or dodging them sideways.

The second strategy we recommend is using ranged attacks. You can equip any of Glintstone, Sorcery or the bow to carry out your ranged attacks.

You must always be at a fair distance from this boss to dodge its melee attacks successfully. Agheel will attempt to kill you with its fire breath attacks, but given the distance between you and the dragon, you should be able to easily avoid them.

Never be overconfident in front of him; attacking Flying Dragon Agheel without constantly changing your position will result in your death. Repeat this process until the dragon is dead.

How to Cheese Flying Dragon Agheel

The best possible way to cheese Flying Dragon Agheel is by climbing up the inclined structure in the area as shown in the screenshot and standing on the exact spot.

Once you’re standing on this spot, Agheel’s attacks will not be able to reach you, and Agheel will be open for your ranged attacks. Continue attacking the dragon with your bows till it collapses, and you get an easy win.

Can You Cut Flying Dragon Agheel’s Tail?

The short answer is NO! You cannot cut Agheel’s tail off. If you try to cut its tail off, you will not succeed and will get brutally attacked.

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