How To Get The Deathbed Set In Elden Ring

The thing that makes the Deathbed Set unique is that it is beneficial for your allies mostly as it replenishes their HP in Elden Ring.

The Deathbed Set is one of those armor sets in Elden Ring that is worn by an NPC. This particular NPC is Fia and the Deathbed Set that she wears consists of just two pieces. These include the Deathbed Dress and the Deathbed smalls which may fool you with their appearance, but it serves as a leg armor for this specific armor set in Elden Ring.

The thing that makes the Deathbed Set unique is that it is beneficial for your allies mostly as it replenishes their Hp. However, this advantage does not apply to one wearing the Deathbed Set itself, which can be a bummer for you. So you can wear this armor set to support fellow tarnished in tough battle situations in Elden Ring.

It offers high vitality and is lighter in weight allowing you to move more quickly compared to the rest of the Armor sets in Elden Ring. So if you are interested in getting Deathbed Set in Elden Ring, then we have prepared this guide to assist you with its location and stats.

Deathbed Set location in Elden Ring

Deathbed Set map location in Elden Ring

To acquire the Deathbed Dress you will have to venture to the Leyndell Royal Capital. There you need to discover the Lost Grace site known as the “Lower Capital Church site of grace” in Elden Ring. Then you can go inside the building and find the Deathbed Dress on the bed which was used by the Fia earlier on in the game.

However, reaching this place is no easy feat as you can only access the city you need to reach the Altus Plateau first. Then you need to get both halves of the Dectus Medallion. One of these will be found at Fort Hight in southeast Limgrave whereas the other is situated at Fort Faroth at Caelid. Once you have the complete medallion take it to the Grand Lift of Dectus in northeastern Liurnia.

After reaching the top go towards the massive wall around the city but there will be a big roadblock ahead in terms of the main gate being locked in Elden Ring.

So to unlock it you will need to kill the Draconic Tree Sentinel. If you head further northeast you will come across this foe so take your time in dealing with it.

After you manage to kill it, you can proceed forward into the Leyndell Royal Capital. Then you need to make your way to the lost site of grace at the Avenue Balcony.

From there on, you will have to make your way through the roadway towards the stairs at the left side of the huge fountain. Exiting the stairs you will come across an elevator which you can take to go down to the graveyard section.

After that, you need to follow the long staircase to the end until you finally come across an enemy that will be in a kneeling position. From here you need to head left towards the open doorway in Elden Ring. It will take you to a room and after you exit the room through the hallway you can spot a ladder at the left end.

Climb the ladder up and you will finally see a church ahead of you. Upon entering that church you will discover another side of grace which is known as the “Lower Capital Church site of grace.” You can rest here as well and investigate the church afterward.

If you look around there, you will find a bed there as well. This bed will contain the Deathbed Set for you to acquire in Elden Ring. So this way you can get your hands on the Deathbed Dress (x1) in Elden Ring.

Deathbed Dress

This makes up for most of the Deathbed Set in Elden Ring. The Deathbed Dress will serve as the main armor piece and can be worn around your torso as well in Elden Ring.

Once you wear it, it will increase the Resistance attributes for your character in Elden Ring. The only advantage it delivers is healing your comrades in battle, but it does not heal you in Elden Ring.

These include the Damage negation against physical attacks of (0.6) and the same number goes for damage negation against slash and pierce attacks.

However, the damage negation for the Deathbed Dress against strike attacks is (2.7) and for Magic, it amounts to (11.9). Against Fire attacks the damage negation is (11.4), for Light attacks it is (11.9) and for Holy attacks, it is (12.4) in Elden Ring.

If you look at the Resistance stats for the Deathbed Dress you will get the Immunity of (38), Robustness of (11), Focus of (63), Vitality of (107), and a Poise resistance of (5) in Elden Ring.

Deathbed Smalls

The second part of the Deathbed Set consists of the leg armor which goes by as Deathbed Smalls. The Deathbed Smalls was basically a skirt worn by an NPC character named Fia who as it happens is the Deathbed Companion in Elden Ring.

This piece is currently unobtainable and deemed as an unauthorized item in Elden Ring. Also, there was a time that if you got it accidentally you would have landed in hot waters by getting a soft ban from Elden Ring itself. However, the latest patch has removed the ban issue, so it is best to stay away from this set piece.

That being said, the Deathbed smalls can be worn by both genders and weighs around (2) in Elden Ring. In terms of Damage Negation, it offers a physical damage negation of (1.5). The stats for the damage negation against strike damage is (2.3), against Slash attack is (1.5), and against pierce damage is (1.5).

However, the damage negation against Magic amounts to (6.8), for Fire it is (6.5), Light attacks is (6.8) and Holy attacks is (7.2) in Elden Ring.

If you look towards the numbers on the Resistance for the Deathbed Smalls then these include the Immunity of (24), Robustness of  (7), Focus of  (39), Vitality of (66), and Poise (3).

Deathbed Set stats and upgrades

As for the stats of the Deathbed Set in Elden Ring, it has a combined weight of (5.2). In terms of Damage Negation, it offers a physical damage negation of (2.1), and against strike damage, it offers a damage negation of (5.0). 

Similarly, against slash damage, the damage negation is (2.1) and the same stats go against the pierce damage that you receive from the enemy as well.

However, if the damage negation increases for Magic at about (18.7) in Elden Ring. Moreover, damage on Fire attacks is (18.1), Light attacks are (18.7) and Holy damage is (19.6).

As for the resistance stats of the Deathbed Set, these include an immunity of (62), Robustness of (18), Focus of (63), Vitality of (173), and a mere Poise of  (8). 

So even though the stats are not that impressive, what makes the Deathbed Set a highly sought-after armor set is its unique physical appearance.

Furthermore, it offers a high boost to your Vitality compared to the rest of the Armor sets in Elden Ring. So you should definitely add the Deathbed Set to your inventory of armor sets as well.

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