Where To Find Coded Sword In Elden Ring

This guide will let you know where to find the Coded Sword in Elden Ring and outline it’s moveset and unique skill.

Elden Ring has so many weapons simply hidden away in the massive world. One of these weapons is the Coded Sword, a weapon with a particularly strong skill.

Coded Sword is one of the 19 Straight Swords found in Elden Ring that uses Standard and Pierce Attack to deal Holy Damage and works the best with Faith builds. It is a powerful mid-game weapon with great ranking in terms of Holy and Critical Attack stats.

This guide will let you know where to find the Coded Sword in Elden Ring and outline its moveset.

Coded Sword location in Elden Ring

The Coded Sword can be found in the Fortified Manor of Leyndell Royal Capital but you need to keep in mind that it can only be done if you have not defeated the two-phase Legend Boss, Maliketh, the Black Blade.

Coded Sword is a Straight Sword in Elden Ring, but the special thing about the sword is that the blade of the sword is made from Holy Ciphers.

The Coded Sword is located in Leyndell, Royal Capital. To get the sword, you need to go to the Ruined Roundtable Hall.

To get to the hall, get to the tree that leads you to Godfrey. Take it down to the sand-filled corner of the castle. Here, kill the dogs and then climb the roof of the horse stables in the corner.

This leads you to a balcony and a small door here will lead into the Ruined Roundtable Hall.

The place is an exact replica of the Roundtable Hall where the two fingers guide you. You can search every room here to find many valuable items.

From the Roundtable, head into the room where you find the Two Fingers in your Roundtable Hall. Here, on a throne, you can find the Coded Sword.

The weapon has the basic moveset of any Straight Sword in the game. The sword deals only Holy Damage.

How to get Unblockable Blade in Elden Ring

Unblockable Blade is the name of the Coded Sword’s default weapon skill in Elden Ring. You cannot get Unblockable Blade on its own.

In addition, the Coded Sword can neither be infused with Ashes of War nor enhanced with Magic or other Consumables. It can only be upgraded using Somber Smithing Stones.

Unblockable Blade imbues the Coded Sword with light and extends the length of the blade, letting you perform a sweep attack that cannot be blocked. It has a Skill Cost of 18 FP with the skill not being chargeable.

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