Should You Use Elden Ring Cheats?

Just like every other game released on PC, Elden Ring has its fair share of cheats and mods as well...

Just like every other game released on PC, Elden Ring has its fair share of cheats and mods as well for gamers to tweak their experience. However, using cheats in Elden Ring isn’t as straightforward as other singleplayer games. In this guide, we will explain how cheats work in Elden Ring and whether you should use these cheats or not.

Should You Use Elden Ring Cheats?

Unlike other singleplayer games, Elden Ring similar to other FromSoftware titles has an online component. This way, cheating basically means hacking your character’s server synced stats. There are no console commands or developer-created cheats for you to alter your gameplay experience.

As can be expected from such hacks in an online environment, they can result in a ban. So using cheats can get you banned from online play which means your banned character will only be able to play solo.

A player going by the name Marcus101RR has produced a cheat table for players with the help of CheatEngine Utility. However, there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind before using these cheats.

Using these cheats offline will most probably get you banned once you go back online. FromSoftware has weekly checks to ensure players haven’t modified their game files. Since these cheats require you to disable Easy Anti-Cheat, that’s a big red flag that will get you noticed for sure.

If you are interested in using cheats, you can easily find them alone on Nexus Mods, alter your game files and enjoy boosting your character’s stats to hard cap before even tackling the first major boss Margit.

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