How To Get Blaidd’s Set (Black Wolf Armor) In Elden Ring

Blaidd’s Set, also known as the Black Wolf armor set, is a heavy-weight armor in Elden Ring that is worn by Blaidd, the Half Wolf.

Blaidd’s Set, also known as the Black Wolf armor set, is a heavy-weight armor in Elden Ring that is worn by Blaidd, the Half Wolf. The armor is among one of the best in its weight class with top-notch stats.

All that protection comes with some additional swag because the armor is also one of the cooler-looking pieces. Due to it being so heavy, you might need to point some points towards endurance if you want to keep your speed during combat otherwise you will be just tiring yourself out.

The armor is perfect for melee/strength builds. The full set itself comprises four pieces; Wolf Mask, armor, gauntlet, and greaves. You might not find them all at the same spot and exactly for that reason, this guide exists, to tell you how you can get it for yourself.

Where to find Blaidd’s armor set in Elden Ring

Blaidd’s Amor set, also known as the Black Wolf Armor is worn by Blaidd – The Half Wolf. He is half-human, half-wolf, and one of three servants serving under Ranni The Witch. You will encounter Blaidd several times throughout the game but at no point he will display any hostility.

He also acts as an NPC and will interact with you on multiple occasions during Ranni’s Questline. He will become hostile only after you have completed the quest line and have obtained the Moonlight Greatsword.

Even though the full set, dropped by Blaidd, only has the Chest Armor, the Gauntlets, and the Greaves, if you want the mask as well you will find it in another location which we have discussed below.

Armor, Gauntlet, and Greaves

If you want to add the Black Wolf Armor Set to your arsenal then you will have to slay this Demi-Wolf after completing Raani’s questline. You can find Blaidd outside the tower at Ranni’s Rise site of grace in Three Sisters – a sub-region of Liurnia of Lakes.

Blaidd's armor, gauntlet, greaves map location in Elden Ring

Black Wolf Mask

Blaidd’s Armor Set doesn’t come with the Black Wolf Mask but the good news is that you can get it as well and that too without much hassle. To get the mask for the Blaidd’s Armor set, you will need to get to Seluvis’s Rise site of grace which is also in the same region as Ranni’s Rise.

Blaidd's mask map location in Elden Ring

Once you reach the tower, there will be a broken wall which you can climb, to the left of the tower door. Once you reach the top of the wall, there will be a corpse and you will find the Black Wolf Mask upon looting it.

How to defeat Blaidd in Elden Ring

Balid – The Half Wolf is not going to be an easy foe if you don’t know what you are up against and exactly for that reason, you first need to educate yourself. He is a half-human half-wolf monster with superhuman-like strength.

He wields the Royal Greatsword which hits like a tank if you even try to parry it. Balidd is fast, can do dashes, and jumps in the air to wreak havoc from above. Things might seem scary but everyone has a weakness and this one does too.

Balidd – the half-wolf is weak against fire, poison, and scarlet rot. The best way to take it down is by sneaking up behind it because it will not engage in battle unless it sees you in front of him or you draw first blood.

Sneak up behind him and use Rotten Breath and run inside the tower and use the lift to get to the top. Balidd will not be able to follow you there. After about 10 seconds have passed, he will go back to his initial spot with his depreciated health and you can go down again.

Attack once again with Rotten Breath and this attack will be his demise. Though Rotten Breath is not the only attack that will work. You can use the same trick with attacks that inflict either fire or poison status effects.

Black Wolf Set stats

The Black Wolf Armor set is on the bulkier side of things with a weight of (32.7). With that much weight, you are going to require reasonable endurance so that you are not being slowed down by lugging all that weight.

Being a thicc boy, it does offer tons of protection against all kinds of attacks – physical and magic. Against direct strikes, it offers a damage negation of (25.4), against slashes (28.5), and against pierce it will negate (29.7) points of damage.

Looking at the magical stats, Magic attacks will be soaked up by (22.6), fire by (25.1), light by (20.9), and holy by (23.6). Resistance is also not too far behind with Robustness standing at a humongous (169), immunity at (91), and the rest of the stats at (60).

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