Artist’s Shack Location In Elden Ring

Out of many Shacks that you find in Elden Ring, only two are Artist’s Shack which is just an abandoned wooden cabin containing a painting.

Artist’s Shack in Elden Ring is an abandoned wooden cabin containing a painting inside them. There are around 15 Shacks in the game, of which two are Artist’s Shacks. Upon inspecting these shacks, you will find a painting of some areas of The Lands Between map.

After finding these paintings, a side quest will begin where the player must also find the exact place on the map. A ghost will also be waiting there at the exact location of the painting.

The Ghost will only spawn there if you first interact with the painting. He will also provide the player with some reward for completing the side quest. Read this guide if you have difficulty finding all the Artist’s Shack locations in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Artist’s Shack in Elden Ring

As mentioned earlier, there are two Artist’s Shacks, which are situated in different regions. One is located in Limgrave, while the other is in Liurnia of the Lakes. Both of them are similar in structure and the purpose they serve.


To find the Artist’s Shack in the Limgrave, you must go to the Murkwater Site of Grace and look for an old cabin. To get there, you need to take the road from the bridge near Agheel Lake and travel Southeast to the Third Church of Marika.

About midway on the road, you will cross the bridge on the path. From there, travel to the north onto the path alongside the cliff. You will then reach the Murkwater Site of Grace in Elden Ring. Once at Grace Point, travel a little northeast and reach an old cabin. Artist’s Shack will be inside that cabin.

Liurnia of the Lakes

Liurnia of the Lakes Artist’s Shack is also inside the old cabin near the Carian Study Hall Site of Grace. You need to follow the road North from the Liurnia Highway North to get there.

Halfway through the road, you will come across a fork and need to take the East branch. Upon traveling further north, you will come across the Artist’s Shack alongside the Liurnia Highway in Elden Ring.

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