Where to Find Alabaster Lord’s Sword in Elden Ring

When has an extra sword in one’s arsenal hurt anybody? Today’s detailed guide will look at how and where to find Alabaster Lord’s Sword in Elden Ring and any other prerequisites.

Elden Ring Alabaster Lord’s Sword Stats

Alabaster Lord’s Long Sword is a greatsword in Elden ring which scales primarily with strength, intelligence, and dexterity. This sword is particularly useful if you are using caster class.

This weapon is said to be able to manipulate gravity and its attack – Alabaster Lord’s Pull, packs quite a punch. This attack creates a pit of concentrated gravity pulling all enemies in the area towards itself while inflicting damage.

Alabaster Lord’s Pull costs 15 FP to activate. This weapon can also be infused with ashes of war. The minimum stats required to wield this sword are as follows.

  • Strength: 16
  • Intelligence: 18
  • Dexterity: 12

Where is the Alabaster Lord’s Sword Located in Elden Ring

You can obtain this sword by defeating the Alabaster Lord in the Yelough Anix Tunnel in the Consecrated Snowfields region.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the tunnel, head on inside. Inside you will find a lift with a button in the middle. Stand on the button to lower the lift. Inside the tunnel, you will find a bunch of enemies, so be careful of them.

Keep following the path, and a couple of meters ahead, you will see an edge. Drop down from there. Again, keep following the path until you reach a wooden platform again drop down from there.

You will see a flash of purple lightning when you drop down, and the Alabaster Lord will spawn.

How to Defeat the Alabaster Lord in Yelough Anix Tunnel

This is a relatively easier boss to defeat and is weak to all sorts of physical attacks. Keep attacking at every opportunity you get and dodge all attacks. Rinse and repeat to defeat the Alabaster Lord.

This encounter against the Alabaster Lord is no different than the countless ones you’ve had before. Defeating the Alabaster Lord will reward you with Alabaster Lord’s Sword.

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