How to Defeat Alabaster Lord in Elden Ring

This detailed guide will teach you How to Defeat Alabaster Lord in Elden Ring and get Meteorite Sorcery Spell.

In Elden Ring, you will encounter many optional bosses that you can defeat to get more Runes or items that are only dropped by defeating that boss. This guide will teach you How to Defeat Alabaster Lord in Elden Ring and get Meteorite Sorcery Spell.

Elden Ring Alabaster Lord Location

Alabaster Lord is an optional boss in Elden Ring that has no ties to the main story or is not required to be defeated to get to the next area.

It is a tall figure boss with a long curved Greatsword and uses the powers of the void to cast Lightning Orbs.

The boss is the prisoner of Evergoal and imprisoned in the Royal Grave Evergoal. This is located to the east of Caria Manor, and you can only visit the location after defeating Royal Knight Loretta.

Go to the back of the Caria Manor and head east to find the Evergoal. There will be a glowing circle in the middle of the Royal Grave Evergoal that you can interact with to make the boss appear.

Alabaster Lord is weak to physical attacks. There are no other weaknesses.

Alabaster Lord Attacks and Counters

The attacks which you are going to deal while fighting Alabaster Lord are Meteorite, Lightning Orb and Slice and Dice.


Alabaster Lord plunges his sword to create a shockwave around him. This creates a black hole above him from where small Meteorites start to emerge. These create an explosion upon impact and leave the area burning for a few seconds. Note that the more you damage the boss, the more Meteorites will emerge.

To counter that attack, you need to dodge the initial shockwave by maintaining distance. Move around the Meteorites and make your way behind the boss for an attack.

Lighting Orb

Alabaster creates a lightning orb to attack the player. To counter, you need to dodge the lighting by moving as soon as the orb comes your way.

Slice and Dice

Alabaster Lord swings his sword upward to slash the player. The direction of the attack changes based on the position of the boss.

To counter the attack, you need to get behind him by dodging the slash. When he misses his second blow, there will be a window of opportunity to counterattack

How to Defeat Alabaster Lord in Elden Ring

Once the boss spawns, the boss fight will begin. Since the boss is quite tall, he will have a very slow movement speed. Therefore, his attacks animations take a lot of time to execute, and you can use that time to attack him before he can even complete the attack animation.

An easy trick to defeat the boss is to keep spamming attacks at him before he can even perform a single attack. He has a total of three attacks that he uses in a fight.

His first attack is Slice and Dice, where he swings the sword in a diagonal position four times. You can roll away from the boss while it happens or to his back and counter him.

If you get too far from the boss, he will cast a Lightning Orb using his Void powers. The homing Lightning Orb will travel very quickly, and you can only dodge it by timing your roll.

The last attack is Meteorite, which will spawn a black hole underneath him, and projectiles will shoot out from the hole toward you. The projectiles will explode on impact and create a burning effect on the area.

The attack animation for this attack is very slow, and you will be able to tell that it is about to be cast from a mile away.

Use the slow cast animation as an advantage and quickly close the gap between you and the boss to attack him. The lower his HP is, the more he will cast the Meteorite attack.

These are his only attack, and you can easily take him out in a single try. Also, you cannot use Spirit Summons or Coop for this boss fight. Defeating Alabaster Lord will give you 3,600 Runes and Meteorite Sorcery Spell.

How to Cheese Alabaster Lord

Alabaster Lord has very low poise, meaning that it can be staggered easily by any heavy weapon. Normal attacks from a heavy weapon and jumping attacks from even light and dexterity weapons will easily stagger him. This will allow you to break the boss and deal a good amount of damage before he recovers.