EA Sports UFC 4 Ground Defense Tips

In this EA Sports UFC 4 Ground Defense guide we’ll talk about all the tips and tricks you need to know about Defending Transitions and Takedowns, Transition Cancels, and Ground and Pound defense.

EA Sports UFC 4 Ground Defense Tips

Defending transitions is all about knowing your way around the controller and timing. Hold RT and move LS and RS in the direction your opponent is moving.

If you do it perfectly without wasting any time, your opponent’s transition attempt will be in vain.

Defensive Grapple Assist
Defending a transition will get easier with this game assist option. All you have to do is move RS and LS, while holding RT, in the direction of the arrows that appear on your screen.

However, this option is not available for Legendary difficulty and online matches.

Defense Timing
Timing is the key to a perfect defense. Depending on the ratings of the fighters involved, you can even get a reversal if your timing is too good.

Grapple Advantage
Keep an eye on the red and blue bar flashing on top of the screen to know how much Grapple Advantage you’ve gained or lost.

Grapple Advantage is important because it controls the speed of your transitions.

Defending transitions will help you replenish Grapple Advantage, which will later help you with your transitions.

Defending Takedowns
Hold RT and LT at the same time to defend a takedown.

Denial Timing
You can afford delayed reflexes, but then you’ll have to defend a Drive-by matching the direction using LS and holding RT and LT at the same time.

If you manage to defend a takedown quickly, you’ll be dominating over your opponent in no time.

Judo Reversals
You’ll only get a Judo Reversal if your timing is perfect and it is present in the moveset of your player. Hold down RB along with LT and RT to perform Judo Reversal.

Submission Reversals
The same controls follow here as that of Judo Reversals. Again, perfect timing is the key, and Submission Reversal has to be present in the moveset of your player or you’ll be getting a regular denial.

Pre-Emptive Deny
To increase the chances of success for Judo or Submission reversals it’s better to hold down LT and RT pre-emptively.

Transition Cancels
To cancel a transition, you need to press RT, but before you do that, press RSALL or LSALL in any direction.

Canceling a Transition is useful as it will prevent your opponent from defending a transition if they have already attempted to defend a canceled transition.

However, this limitation of your opponent is short-lived so make good use of it while you can.

Ground and Pound Defense
Blocking Ground and Pound is a two-step process. First, you’ll block your head by holding RT and then your body by holding LT and RT together.

There are certain cramped up positions where strikes cannot be blocked.

Avoiding Straights and Hooks
You can press RSLEFT or RSRIGHT to avoid a straight and then use the same controls while pressing LB to sway away from a Hook.

Avoiding Straights and Hooks will cause your opponents to lose stamina.

If you manage to avoid a Straight with good timings, you can escape Ground and Pound with a transition, sweep, or a get-up.

Getting out of Ground and Pound
Here you’ll need to focus on Grapple Advantage Meter again. As it reaches the defender’s color, press RT to put an end to Ground and Pound.

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