EA Sports Plans To Address FIFA Ultimate Team Lag Through Connectivity Team

One of the biggest problems with games with a heavy multiplayer component is shaky servers. Getting dropped or kicked out of a match because of bad ping or the server suddenly losing connectivity is never fun, but EA plans to address this FIFA Ultimate Team lag when the game releases.

FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the main game modes of the FIFA games, allowing players to create teams from among the best FIFA players and set them up against the “ultimate teams” of other FIFA fans.

FIFA is rather lacking when it comes to server security, as it doesn’t have dedicated servers. Instead it uses player-to-player, meaning that the host of a game is essentially the server and thus the game hinges on their connection being stable to keep the game going.

If the host’s connection suddenly drops, even for a moment, it ends with both players getting dropped and either being stuck with a loss or with no result at all. However, EA Sport’s FIFA Ultimate Team lag fix will hopefully at least address some of those issues.

The fix in question is simply to have an entire segment of the developer team working on connection stability. Previously, it relied on various servers all around the world, which didn’t really work when you had a large number of people that were far away from the servers and thus couldn’t get signal.

It’s also not quite dedicated servers, but at least EA is working on the problem. Hopefully when it releases, the FIFA Ultimate Team lag will either not be happening in FIFA Ultimate Team for FIFA 18, or will at least be drastically reduced.

FIFA 18 will be releasing on September 29 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and will feature the return of the Journey story mode.

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