EA Twitter Gets Roasted for Mocking Single-Player Games

EA tried to make a joke around single-player games using the popular "they are 10" meme however, it backfired a lot.

Electronic Arts, while being a big publisher/developer, has seen its fair share of criticism in the past. The company has even received multiple “Worst Company In America” votes. Their treatment to the popular fan-favorite franchises haven’t sit well with the fans as well. With the most recent example of being Battlefield 2042, the company has been struggling to keep the fans happy.

Among other things, their live service models including microtransactions specially in their sports games have been heavily criticized. The publisher is a strong supporter of multiplayer games with notorious live service models. While the publisher isn’t planning on changing its tactics, the official EA Twitter account decided to joke around single-player games by using the popular “he/she are 10” meme that has been trending on TikTok recently. The tweet said:

While the tweet was only meant as a joke, many did not find it amusing and started criticizing the Twitter handle. Many big names entered the wave and expressed their views as well. The backlash was of such extent that the Twitter Handle had to accept the Roast in another tweet:

EA owns a lot of fan-favorite franchises and they are working on new games as well including Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Both of these are most probably single-player focused games. So the official twitter shouldn’t be going around making fun single-player titles. EA should also realize that while making cash is important, fan following also plays an important role for the success of the company. If they keep messing up games like that, eventually, no one will buy their games. Let’s hope that the publisher learns its lesson soon and fans get what they truly deserve.

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