Dragon Age 4’s “In Good Hands” As Producer Leaves, More Details Coming Late 2022

Dragon Age 4 is currently in the middle of production after being first officially unveiled by developer BioWare around four years back.

In a new update provided earlier today, studio general manager Gary McKay confirmed that technical and gameplay “blueprints” were finalized for Dragon Age 4 last year. BioWare is now focused on executing those blueprints by “creating amazing environments, deep characters, strong gameplay, impactful writing, emotional cinematics – and much more.”

BioWare is not ready to cite any release windows at present, but has promised to share more details later in the year “in the form of blogs and social content.” While the release does look to be still a little far away, the developer has assured that it is and will continue to listen to all player-sent feedback.

It should be noted that GameBeat editor Jeff Grubb recently claimed that the development of Dragon Age 4 was sailing smoothly and that the game could finish development in another 18 months. That probably pegs a release window of either late 2023 or early 2024.

Dragon Age 4 was heavily rumored to be suffering a troubled development. BioWare had to reportedly reboot the entire game and drop its originally conceived multiplayer plans to make the game single-player only.

The new installment in the franchise now seems to be finally on track, but which will also see a change in leadership. It has been confirmed that executive producer Christian Dailey will be leaving BioWare but has assured fans that “the next Dragon Age is in good hands.”

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