Dying Light Posters Locations Challenges Walkthrough Guide

Complete poster challenges walkthrough with Dying Light Posters locations to unlock achievement and trophy.

Dying Light
After reaching Old Town, you will come across various Poster scattered around the area. Each of these Posters offer a challenge (related to combat, speed, or climbing) which must be done in a fixed time duration.

There are a total of 9 Posters that can be found in Dying Light. For more help on Dying Light, read our Blueprints Guide, Weapons Locations and Side Quests Guide.

Dying Light Posters Locations

Following is a quick overview of all Poster Challenges that you will find in Dying Light with a brief walkthrough on how to complete them:

How to Unlock: After reaching Old Town
Reward: 10,000 Survivor XP

Poster #1
Where to Find: West of the town’s center

This side-quest places you on top of a rooftop with a Double-Barreled Shotgun and infinite ammunition. You need to stay on the balcony and take out Volatiles as they try and climb up. Once you see that there are no more foes coming, jump down and more Volatiles will spawn. Just stay away from the mutants and kill them as quick as possible before the timer runs out.

Poster #2
Where to Find: Northeast edge of the town’s center

For this side-quest, you will have to stick to a stealthy approach. This challenge is done during the day and you are required to take out 8 mutants using Takedown. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use distractions to lure infected to a certain location.

Due to this, I would suggest using Vault Knockdown. While using Vault Knockdown, you can stun mutants and charge in for a quick Takedown. It is better to start from the rooftop since enemies are isolated above. And lastly, in case you do not have Vault Knockdown, you are forced with creeping behind enemies and take them out one by one.

Poster #3
Where to Find: North of the town’s center

For this challenge, you need to climb a tall tower as quick as possible. However, the climb is not as simple as it sounds like. First off, you need to jump from the starting railing and dash towards the towers ahead. Leap into the small canopy and get to the building on the right side. From this building, you will climb the marked tower as quickly as possible.

Poster #4
Where to Find: Northeast edge of the town’s center

For this challenge, you need to jump into the sea and retrieve 6 boxes. Dive as deep as you can and collect 4 boxes on the right side. After collecting these, surface to the air and swim to the other 2 boxes. Dive in and collect them to complete this little challenge.

Poster #5
Where to Find: Farthest east side of the map

Instead of jumping toward the marked tower from the front side, climb all the way to the back and climb through an open window. You need to make sure that you do not fall inside the building. Keep on moving up as carefully as possible. Keep on going and you will eventually come across a ravel. Simple climb the ladder and complete this side-quest. Do note that there is no need to rush!

Poster #6
Where to Find: Southeastern edge of the map

For this challenge, you receive infinite ammo and are required to kill 8 Gas Tanks. The best way to complete this challenge is to shoot the Gas Tanks in legs to trip them and aim for the tanks as they are getting back up. If you run out of the Gas Tanks, get near the parked vehicles and you will find plenty of them.

Poster #7
Where to Find: South side of the map

This challenge is basically a race. Do note that instead of going to ground level, jump across the first gap using the metal cables. Furthermore, I would not recommend swimming for a long time. Get on your foot as soon as possible and sprint towards the final waypoint. Additionally, it is also a good idea to invest in Agility Skills to make races a tad easier.

Poster #8
Where to Find: Northwest edge of the map

This is another race, but a different one than the others. You receive ample time to complete it, but you need to avoid taking damage from Toads in the area. Do not try and kill them! Instead of this, keep on throwing Firecrackers to keep their attention away from you. Once you get to the final checkpoint, the race will end.

Poster #9
Where to Find: Near the town center

For the last climbing challenge, get on top of a van near a blue structure (below the bridge) and jump onto the blue rooftop. From this point, keep on make your way up. This challenge offers nothing that you have not done before, so keep on going and you should do just fine.

Once you have completed all Poster Challenges, get to Bozak (the location appears on your map). Once you get there, get the Exploding Throwing Stars Blueprint and kill the madman before getting away from the area.

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