Dying Light Easter Eggs Locations and Secrets

Dying Light Easter Eggs locations and secrets that developers have hidden in the game for the fans.

Like a lot of games these days, Dying Light is also filled with easter eggs by the developers not only as a mod to other games or people in the media industry but also as means of providing players some unique weapons.

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Dying Light Easter Eggs

Since these easter eggs are scattered all over the map and require some work to reach, going after them is best suited for those players who like to explore a lot and experience everything in a game.

This is near the Slums and players have to swim out to a small island in the southeastern part of the map where a dead is impaled by a sword.

Once there, players need to hold their trigger for around 120 seconds and try to use the sword which will result in the body starting to burn up and ultimately disappear leaving behind a blueprint from the developers.

Korek Machete
Korek is actually the nickname of Techland’s optimization lead and there is a weapon named after him hidden in the Slums. Players have to go towards the northern end of the Slums, enter the middle safe zone and then move east to a building shaped like a C-clamo.

A blue toolbox is on top of the building that reveals a blueprint inside after being kicked around 75 times.

Dancing Zombies
While walking with Babar in the Werewolf Escort mission, players can head inside to the second hangar (the one which Babar passes by). Inside the hangar is an electric switch, near the entrance.

The switch can be activated to make the zombies dance.

Wall of Fame
Outside the Tower, there is a wall with a lot of pictures on it of missing people.

Loot Cave
A cave in the northeastern part of the Slums pays homage to the famous Destiny loot cave. To reach the cave, players have to jump over a small barricade by the water and then swim through a tunnel.

After playing the game for a significant time, players can see a Guitar inside their room in the Tower. Players can pick it up and try to play but the sound would be terrible.

Later on in the game as players search through the school, they can find a book about playing guitar. After reading the book, if players attempt to play the guitar the tune sounds very good.

Sick Bomb
Near the crane on the Tower rooftop, there is a place to play Checkers. Players can make a move on the board, leave the Tower and then return again to make another move.

Doing this multiple times will result in players winning the game and earning a blueprint which references to one of the lead level designers nicknamed “Sick”

Ray McCall
During the Gunslinger quest, players can buy a Ray McCall (Call of Juarez franchise) figure from the pawn shop which appears in their room later. The figure can be interacted with.

World 1-1
Players need to climb to the rooftop of the last building in the southwestern corner of Old Town. They can jump on top of a strange looking pipe up there and attempt to pull it open which leads players to a new area where they need to jump on enemies to kill them and a hidden brick must be smashed with their head to reveal a blueprint.

The Clicker
During the Bunker mission, once players get the quest objective to “Get Inside the Bunker” they can enter the Town Hall and walk upstairs to stand in front of an elevator. When the elevator door opens, a zombie appears who looks a lot like the Clickers from The Last of Us.

Players can kill him and loot the body.

Stasis Field Projector
During the Rupert the Gunsmith quest line, players can find this while exploring the Magic Fortress in Old Town. A pink teddy bear in the empty room of the kindergarten, on the floor above Rupert’s gives a blueprint for the Stasis Field Projector.

The teddy bear needs to be activated a few dozen times until it explodes and gives the blueprint.

Left Ball of Glova
Similar to the Dead Island easter eggs, where there was a Left Hand of Glova, Dying Light also has an easter egg named after its lead gameplay programmer.

To get the Left Ball of Glova blueprint, players need to find two stones in Old Town area. One of the stones is on a ledge above ground level, behind the tilted tower to the northwest.

The other stone is on the edge of the beach, southwest side of the museum. After picking up both stones, players can put them inside the eye sockets of the skull inside Ishaq’s apartment (Shadow of the King side quest).

Having put the stones in the eye sockets, players receive the blueprint reward.

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