Dying Light 2 Safe Codes and Combinations Guide

Dying Lights 2 is supposed to take hundreds of hours to completely unlock as claimed by the company, 500 hours...

Dying Lights 2 is supposed to take hundreds of hours to completely unlock as claimed by the company, 500 hours to be exact. Safe Codes will take a lot of your time if you don’t know about the location of these Safes and their Codes. So, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a guide that covers every safe and its code in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Safe Codes

Dying Lights 2 has several Safes scattered all over its huge map, and to open these Safes, you will need codes. These codes and Safes can be hidden or can be in plain sight. So, while exploring Villedor, there is a chance that you might miss one or two.

Some Safe Codes are simple, while others are more difficult, with various ways to figure out what the codes are. Some safe combinations can be found in notes that are easy to pick up without noticing. Some of the code entails answering riddles, some need math, and there’s even a treasure hunt.

Safes in DL2 can hold precious things such as diaries, quest items, medkits, explosives, and inhibitors, which can be used to improve your health and stamina.

Location of Safe Codes

There are a total of 7 Safes in Dying Light 2 out of which 4 are in Old Villedor, and 3 are in Central Loop.

Biomarker Quest Safe – 9 7 3

You will probably find the first safe during a side mission named Biomarker Quest. In this side mission, you will be recovering a prototype biomarker wristband.

This safe will be in Saint Joseph Hospital, north of Houndfield. There will be a note as well nearby with the code. To open this safe, you will have to solve the three riddles mentioned on the note. The answer to these riddles will be 9,7, and 3. Congratulations, you have got your hands on the Biomarker.

Moonshine Quest Safe – 14 9 2

This safe can be found inside the Water Tower, south of Horseshoe. This safe requires you to side with Jack and Joe and be arrested.

First of all, help Jack and Joe during the Water Tower quest. Then complete the Welcome on Board quest. After that, meet Jack and Joe in the Peacekeeper prison, and they will give you a mission known as Moonshine.

Next, go to the location marked on your map after you have talked to both of them. You will find the safe at the marked location, and the code for that safe will be 14, 9, and 2.

Nightrunner Hideout Safe – 1 0 1

This Safe can be found in the Nightrunner’s hideout. You have to go to Houndfield and then towards Cherry Windmill to get there. The small hut above Cherry Windmill will be the Nightrunner’s hideout.

To be exact, the safe will be on the ground floor, in the back right corner room. The code will be 1, 0, and 1.

Downtown Bandit Camp Safe – 3 1 3

This safe can be found in the east of downtown, next to the bandit camp, on the military airdrop building. You will find this safe while progressing through the story.

You’ll be able to wipe out a Bandit Camp in the Downtown Zone after you access the Central Loop. There is an open window in that camp structure with a yellow marker hanging out of it. If you go through the window, you should see a safe resting on a table. The Code for this safe will be 3, 1, and 3.

Garrison Electrical Station Safe – 3 1 4

You will find this safe during the Broadcast mission in the Garrison Electrical Station. This safe will be in the south of Garrison, in Section C of the Electrical Station.

You will have to unlock the room door by using Power Cable AB to open Terminal A and using Power Cable AB to open Terminal B. After that, use Power Cable 1C to open Terminal C. This will lead you to the code of the nearby safe. The code for the safe will be 3 1 4.

Muddy Grounds Water Tower Safe – 3 21 67

To find this safe, you will have to complete a side quest named Deserter and keep the map that you will get during this quest. By doing this, you will get a new quest named Treasure Hunter. While trying to complete this quest, you will get some books from Albert to learn the location of this safe and its code.

This safe will be in the north of Muddy Grounds, in the basement of the water tower. There you will find a safe whose code will be 3, 21, and 67.

Bazaar Safe – 5 1 0

This safe can be found at the top of Bazaar Church Tower, in the south of Trinity. Make sure you have a lot of stamina, skill, and patience because you have to climb this tower in order to get to the safe.

Make your way through to the top of the tower. The safe code will be behind the poster, and the safe will be on the poster’s left. The code for this safe will be 5, 1, and 0.

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