Dying Light 2 Promotion Possibly Hints Release Window

Dying Light 2 has been missing in action for quite a while now. The much-awaited sequel was announced nearly three years ago and still remains without a release date. The originally slated release window passed by a couple of months ago as developer Techland confirmed a delay earlier in the year. That being said, the stars may perhaps be finally aligning and an announcement could arrive soon.

Earlier today, Techland and ASUS were discovered to have partnered for a promotional campaign. The official website states that purchasing “eligible ASUS products” during the prescribed period will net free copies of both Dying Light and Dying Light 2. The promotional period will last until August 31 while the redemption period will last until September 13. Hence, proud ASUS owners for the month of July will receive digital codes for both games that have to be redeemed by them before mid-September.

Do note that the Steam listing of Dying Light 2 is not accepting pre-orders at the time of writing. The promotional material suggests that pre-orders, at the very least, will open up in August, which in turn suggests that Techland will be making an announcement in the coming weeks.

Something else to consider is that pre-orders generally go live after the release date or window has been officially announced. Microsoft will be hosting another digital event in the coming weeks to showcase games for Xbox Series X. Techland is being expected to make an appearance and not only share new gameplay footage but also confirm when Dying Light 2 will be releasing.

Last month, lead game designer Tymon Smektala stated that Dying Light 2 has entered the final phase of development. Smektala refrained from mentioning any release window in order to not “spoil” the “surprise” for the players but did ask for everyone to support the developer with their patience for a little while longer.

This was before Chris Avellone, who was writing for Dying Light 2, was accused of using his status to sexually assault and harass multiple women. Based on horrifying first-hand accounts, he has been leveraging his position of power to take advantage of women trying to break into the games industry for years.

Techland quickly announced to be parting ways with Avellone. While the developer assured that the narrative team of Dying Light 2 will “continue progressing efficiently,” it remains to be seen if the removal of Avellone will result in another delay.

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