Dying Light 2 Nearing Completion & “Needs Your Support”

Dying Light 2 was originally stated to release in the past couple of months before a delay was announced earlier in the year.

Dying Light 2 was originally stated to release in the past couple of months before a delay was announced earlier in the year. The much-awaited sequel never received a precise release date before the delay and continues to be without one even now. There have also been concerns that the ongoing silence from developer Techland could spell another delay. However, that would be far from the truth and a reveal should be expected soon.

Speaking with The Escapist in a recent interview, lead game designer Tymon Smektala stated that Dying Light 2 has entered the final phase of development. Smektala refrained from mentioning any release window in order to not “spoil” the “surprise” for the players but did ask for everyone to support the developer with their patience for a little while longer.

There’s a whole team at Techland that works on the announcement of the release date for the game and every piece of info that accompanies it, and I know they want to surprise players, so I don’t want to spoil it for them or our community. The only thing I can say is please trust us — it’s the last stretch for this project, and we need your support.

The implication being that Dying Light 2 will probably be eying a release at the end of the year, or early next year at the latest. The upcoming sequel is confirmed to be in development for both current- and next-generation platforms, further raising hopes for a simultaneous cross-generation release. Techland has been rumored to be planning an announcement for months now. The latest statement from Smektala adds more fuel to that fire in the sense that players should be getting ready for a major reveal in the coming months.

Dying Light 2 will feature a new protagonist named Aiden Caldwell who will be racing against a deadly biological clock. Being an infected survivor himself, Aiden will arrive in The City in search of a cure but will quickly find himself in a position to make choices that will either help or hinder the different factions residing within. Dying Light 2 will also improve on the acclaimed parkour mechanics of the first installment, giving players multiple new ways to traverse the terrain.

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