Dying Light 2 Lockpicking Guide

Lockpicking is another way of adding items to your inventory. Dying Light 2 also follows this concept and provides special...

Lockpicking is another way of adding items to your inventory. Dying Light 2 also follows this concept and provides special items locked inside chests, cars, etc. for you to unlock. This guide will discuss the Lockpicking mechanic in Dying Light 2 and teach you how to use lockpicks and upgrade them.

Dying Light 2 Lockpicking

Since its first installment, lockpicking has been a part of the Dying Light series. It helps you unlock all the items locked inside chests, cars, vans, and even lockers. The items you find inside can be rare and not found during your regular expedition, making this method an important aspect of your collection.

How to Craft and Learn Lockpicking

Blueprints for Lockpicks are available for use early on in the campaign. The method of Lockpicking may sound difficult for most players, but that’s far from the reality. Although it takes time and can frustrate the player, it is still not hard to master its controls.

To learn how to Craft Lockpicks in DL2, simply visit Hakon during Markers of Plague mission to learn all about this method of getting items. Just keep in mind that 3 lockpicks require 5x scrap materials and some Cloth Rags.

Start off with doors or chests for lockpicking (now, they both require an equal level of expertise; therefore, start with one and gradually go for the other when you’ve mastered the skills) and adjust the pick sideways.

Continue holding and pressing “A” key, which then turns the lock to the other point. Keep adjusting the lock till it’s near the Sweet Point. Note that you’ll break the lockpick if it is positioned wrongly.

Below is some basic information that you need to keep an eye on when lockpicking:

  • Rotate the lock with one hand while using the other to use a screwdriver.
  • Keep holding and continue to apply pressure till the lock rotates. This means that you’ve hit the Sweet Spot!
  • Do not twist the stick too hard as it will break it, and make sure to release the stick once your controller vibrates.

Just keep on picking locks and become a veteran in this minigame.

How to Upgrade Lockpicks

Upgrading your lockpick in Dying Light 2 makes it easier to use, which can assist you during a hard task as the more durable they are, the more easily they’ll break into things and reward you with useful resources.

However, nothing is free of cost, and the same goes for lockpick upgrades as they become quite expensive the more you upgrade them.

To upgrade your crafted Lockpick, you first need to loot dead infected and collect Infected Trophies. Receiving a particular type of trophy depends upon the type of infected you took it off from.

For instance, Uncommon Trophies are taken from Virals, Howlers, and Spitters, while Rare Trophies can be received by looting Goons, Bolters, and Banshees.

Visit the Craftsmaster to verify the type of Trophies needed for the lockpick upgrade and loot according to it.

The more you upgrade your lockpick, the more durable it will become. Upgrading the Lockpick blueprint in DL2 also provides benefits such as extra lockpicks crafted per use and the ability to force open locks so you can skip the lockpicking minigame.

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