How to Meet the People of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2

This guide explains how to complete the “Meet the people of the Bazaar” objective in Dying Light 2’s quest ‘The...

This guide explains how to complete the “Meet the people of the Bazaar” objective in Dying Light 2’s quest ‘The Only Way Out’ as many people seem to be stuck at it and are looking for a fix. So we will tell you how to complete this objective and move onwards with the quest without breaking a sweat.

Dying Light 2 Meet the People of the Bazaar

During the early hours of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you’ll come across a particularly tricky quest called “The Only Way-Out.” Unfortunately, this quest has multiple objectives, and the games don’t fully explain how to deal with them, even though they are pretty straightforward.

The Only Way Out – Meet the People of the Bazaar

There isn’t a single person in the Bazaar you can speak to progress further. Therefore, the mission will stay the same if you chat with everyone. However, the mission will be completed when you finish the two side quests available at the market.

All players should explore the Bazaar because it features two side quests and many vendors. You’ll have earned a few treasures by now, which you can sell to any merchant on the market. “Cheers!” and “The Spark of Invention” two side quests, can also be initiated from this area.

Spark of Invention should be easy to complete as you will probably have the required materials for it already if you have been looting corpses. Cheers! has you making a difficult decision but regardless of the decision you make, you won’t be in any kind of trouble.

Hakon will contact you via radio while you head over to the first destination for the Cheers! mission and describe the next step in the plan. While you can technically just wait around the Bazaar for 30 minutes (real-time) for Hakon to call, it is best that you take this time to complete the side quests and get yourself some nice rewards.

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