Dying Light 2 Features Bows And Other Medieval Weapons But Will Have Modern Look To Them

Dying Light 2 is coming to PC and current-gen consoles and will improve everything that made the first game so exciting.

With Dying Light 2, developer Techland is taking things a little further as the zombie outbreak has taken over the world and world has basically become modern dark age.

That is not to say that Dying Light 2 will not feature modern weapons. The game will feature modern weapons but, it will also feature modern versions of medieval weapons.

Speaking with Gamingbolt, lead game designer Tymon Smektała talked about the upcoming Dying light 2 and how it will improve upon the first game which is an incredible game itself.

During the interview he was asked about how the combat will work in the game will it be melee only or players will be able to use ranged weapons?

To this, Smektała replied that players will be able to use bows in the game as a ranged weapon and while the game is modern medieval the weapon is the game will also have a modern medieval feel to it.

It’s melee, but of course you saw archers. You can use bows, cross bows. It’s in the modern dark ages universe. So everything that’s medieval, even though it’s modern by visual materials, you’ll be able to use that stuff.

Speaking of the game, Dying Light 2 will also feature much more complex AI compared to the first game and the game also features a morality system for NPCs.

According to the game designer, to make Dying Light 2’s world truly immersive they had to make the AI much more complex given that the game is set in a world where survivors have to fight each other for the remainder of the resources.

As for the morality system, the purpose of this system is to simulate how a person would react in a post-apocalyptic world while adding an additional layer of complexity.

Not only that, the developers have also confirmed that the game is set is a world where humans have lost to infected and 15 years have passed since they tried to fight the infection.

This means that humans weren’t able to find a cure for the disease and it has been spread to the entire world.

Dying Light 2 is a first-person survival game in development at Techland for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. No release date has been announced for the game yet.

Source: Gamingbolt

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