How to Fix Black Screen After Ending the Story in Dying Light 2

In this guide we’ll tell you How to Fix the black screen After Ending bug in Dying Light 2 by outlining some ways to troubleshoot it.

Dying Light 2 sets up an interesting campaign and the culmination of all your choices and the plot is shown in the game’s ending sequence. However, some players have experienced a black screen bug that ruins the whole experience. In this guide we’ll tell you how to fix the black screen after ending the story mode in Dying Light 2 by outlining some ways to troubleshoot it.

How to Fix Black Screen After Ending Dying Light 2

You can try different things out to fix this bug, below are some of the solutions that can help you to overcome it.

Wait for 5 or More Minutes

Many players have reported that waiting for 5 or more minutes solves the issue itself, and the game progresses forward normally. So, first, try to wait for 5 or more minutes to let the game get back to normalcy. If this solution doesn’t work, then you can try other solutions mentioned below.

Verify the Game Files

If this doesn’t work, then try verifying the game files on steam. Some players reported that this solution worked for them too. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Launch Steam after restarting your computer.
  • Click and select the game from Library.
  • Select the drop-down menu and click on Properties option.
  • Under the Local Files tab, select Verify integrity of game files button.

Restart the Game

If any of the above solutions doesn’t work, then try restarting the game. This can be a bit risky thing to try, as players aren’t sure from where the game continues when they get back. But unfortunately, there are no more options left to try as well.

This is all you can try to solve this black screen issue in Dying Light 2. We hope that the above-mentioned solutions work for you guys until this bug is addressed in a later patch.

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