Dragon’s Dogma Armor Sets Guide

This guide contains all the information and location for every armor set you can find and equip in Dragon's Dogma to enhance yourself

Dragon’s Dogma, like many other RPGs, offer players the freedom to go for various armor types, which can also be upgraded over the course of time. We have prepared a Dragon’s Dogma Armor Sets guide to give you an idea of what kind of gear you can acquire.

Dragon’s Dogma Armor Sets

The armor sets in the game can either be bought, or you may find them at various locations throughout your adventurous journey. If you want to find them, you can refer to our Armor Locations Guide. For information and stats, the following article will serve the purpose.

Abyssinal Armor Set

Items: Abyssinal Greaves, Abyssinal Coat, Abyssinal Bracers, Abyssinal Outfit.
Location: You will get this by finishing the Online Ur-Dragon.

Abyssinal Greaves Stats (Enhancement Level 4)

  • Defense: 54
  • Magick Defense: 35
  • Piercing Resist: 1%
  • Stagger Resist: 19%
  • Knockdown Resist: 18%
  • Elemental Resist: 5%
  • Debilitation Resist: (Torpor: 21%, Possession: 21%, Petrification: 21%)
  • Weight: 1.36

Abyssinal Coat Stats (Enhancement Level 4)
It is obtained by killing the online Ur-Dragon

  • Defense: 96
  • Magick Defense: 89
  • Piercing Resist: 3%
  • Striking Resist: 2%
  • Stagger Resist: 23%
  • Knockdown Resist: 24%
  • Elemental Resist: Fire 13%
  • Debilitation Resist: Poison: 63%, Silence: 63%, Cursed: 63%
  • Weight: 2.5

Abyssinal Bracers Stats (Enhancement Level 4)

  • Defense: 65
  • Magick Defense: 59
  • Piercing Resist: 2%
  • Striking Resist: 1%
  • Stagger Resist: 5%
  • Knockdown Resist: 5%
  • Elemental Resist: Lightning 13%
  • Debilitation Resist: Blindness: 63%, Sleep: 63%, Skill Stifling: 63%
  • Weight: 1.82

Abyssinal Outfit Stats (Enhancement Level 0)

  • Defense: 16
  • Magick Defense: 12
  • Piercing Resist: 2
  • Stagger Resist: 2
  • Knockdown Resist: 2
  • Elemental Resist: Dark:2%, CF: 10%, Fire: 2%
  • Debilitation Resist: Curse: 11%, DW: 5%
  • Weight: 1.93


The Berserk Manga/Anime Guts and the Griffiths armor sets are available for the players in Dragon Dogma.
Location: Once you have completed the quest given by Alon “Of Merchants and Monsters” You can buy these items from Alon himself, and you will find him inside the Ancient Quarry.

Bronze Armor Set

Location: The set can be purchased from Alon in the Ancient Quarry for a price of 76.480 Gold.

Captain’s Armor Set

Location: In Dark Arise, you can purchase it form The Black Cat in Gran Soren. It is also a part of the DLC Pack A Coiffure You Can’t Refuse where you can find it in Arisen’s inventory.

Chaos Armor Set

Location: This is part of the Demon’s Protection DLC armor pack. You can also get it from Montebank at The Black Cat in Gran Soren.


Core Set Pieces

  • Chaos Helm [Head Armor]
  • Chaos Armor [Torso Armor]
  • Chaos Gauntlets [Arms Armor]
  • Chaos Greaves [Leg Armor]

Accessory Pieces

  • Hero’s Cape
  • Marshal’s Bracers

Dragon’s Flight


Chimeric Armet
Set Pieces: Chimeric Armet, Chimeric Half Plate, Chimeric Gauntlets, Chimeric Sabatons

Location: You will find the items in different chests and it can be purchased from Matthias at the Greatwall and Caxton as well. The armor is worn by Fighters, Warriors and the Mystic Knights.

Chimeric Armet (Enhancement Level 0)

  • Defense: 33
  • Magick Defense: 11
  • Piercing Resist: 3%
  • Striking Resist: 1%
  • Stagger Resist: 4%
  • Knockdown Resist: 4%
  • Elemental Resist: Fire: 1%, Holy: -2%
  • Debilitation Resist: Poison: 6%, Sleep: +7%
  • Weight: 2.38

Chimeric Half Plate

  • Defense: 69
  • Magick Defense: 21
  • Piercing Resist: 3%
  • Striking Resist: 2%
  • Stagger Resist: 25%
  • Knockdown Resist: 24%
  • Elemental Resist: Fire 2% and Holy -3%
  • Debilitation Resist: Poison 8%, Sleep: 9%

Chimeric Gauntlets (Enhancement Level 0)

  • Defense: 43
  • Magick Defense: 13
  • Piercing Resist: 1%
  • Striking Resist: 1%
  • Stagger Resist: 7%
  • Knockdown Resist: 7%
  • Elemental Resist: Fire: 1%, Holy:-2 %
  • Debilitation Resist: Poison 7%, Sleep 8%
  • Weight: 3.4

Chimeric Sabatons (Enhancement Level 0)

  • Defense: 45
  • Magick Defense: 16
  • Piercing Resist: 1%
  • Striking Resist: 1%
  • Stagger Resist: 17%
  • Knockdown Resist: 16%
  • Elemental Resist: Fire: 1%, Holy -2%
  • Debilitation Resist: Poison: 8% Sleep: 9%
  • Weight: 2.73

Crimson Armor Set

Location: The Crimson Jerkin is part of the Armor Pack: Divine Protection DLC and buy the rest at the Black Cat in Gran Soren. You can also find all the set pieces in different parts of The Everfall.


  • Crimson Armet [Head Armor]
  • Crimson Plate [Torso Armor]
  • Crimson Gauntlets [Arms Armor]
  • Crimson Sabatons [Leg Armor]


  • Crimson Jerkin [Chest Clothing]
  • Bloody Thistle [Warhammer]

Emissary Armor Set

Location: Part of the DLC Armor Pack: Divine Protection and then can be purchased from Montebank at The Black Cat in Gran Soren.


  • Emissary Hood [Head Armor]
  • Emissary Armor [Torso Armor]
  • Emissary Bracers [Arms Armor]
  • Emissary Greaves [Leg Armor]

Golden Lion Set

Location: All pieces can be found in The Everfall.


  • Golden Lion Helm [Head Armor]
  • Golden Lion Padding [Torso Armor]
  • Burnished Bracers [Arms Armor]
  • Carmine Breeches [Leg Armor]

Grand Surcoat Set

Armor Pieces

  • Grand Surcoat [torso armor]
  • Navy Leather Gloves [arms armor]
  • Fine Over-Knee Boots [leg armor]
  • Clerical Cap [head armor]
  • Knight’s Mantle [cloak]

Alternative pieces

  • Dark Over-Knee Boots and Darkened Gloves


Location: You can find all the set items at the the Everfall and a few on Bitterblack Isle.


  • Grisly Skull [Head Armor]
  • Grisly Bone Armor [Torso Armor]
  • Grisly Bracers [Arms Armor]
  • Grisly Greaves [Leg Armor]

Gryphic Armor Set

Set Items: Helmet, Gauntlet, Body Armor, Greaves and Cloak
The set is sold by Renald in the Greatwall Encampment and also at the Caxton’s Armory.

Armor Set Statistics (Enhancement Level 0)

  • Defense: 65
  • Magick Defense: 20
  • Piercing Resist: 3
  • Stagger Resist: 21
  • Knockdown Resist: 25
  • Elemental Resist: Fire: -4%, Thunder: 4%, Thundershock: 20%
  • Weight: 5.67

Heavy Iron Armor Set

Full Armor Set

  • Iron Helm [Head Armor]
  • Sectional Iron Plate [Torso Armor]
  • Iron Armguard [Arms Armor]
  • Iron Cuisses [Leg Armor]
  • Paladin’s Mantle [Cloak]

Partial pieces

  • Sectional Armor
  • Steel-Toed Boots

Heresy Armor Set

Set Pieces

  • Heresy Hood [Head Armor]
  • Heresy Armor [Torso Armor]
  • Heresy Armguards [Arms Armor]
  • Heresy Greaves [Leg Armor]
  • Heresy Cloak [Cloak]

Hero’s Armor Set

Core Set Pieces

  • Hero’s Hood [Head Armor]
  • Hero’s Surcoat [Torso Armor]
  • Hero’s Gauntlets [Arms Armor]
  • Hero’s Cuisses [Leg Armor]
  • Hero’s Cape [Cloak]


  • Wyrm Hunt Mantle (optional)
  • Silver Chainmail Set
  • Iraklis [Longsword] or Dragon’s Dogma [Sword]

Holy Armor Set

Core Set Pieces

  • Holy Cuisses [leg armor]
  • Philosopher’s Robe [torso armor]
  • Dignified Cape [cloak]
  • Sage’s Hood [head armor]
  • Jade Bangles or Gleaming Bangles [arm armor]


  • White Hawk Tunic and White Hawk Leggings [underclothes] or Silver Chainmail Set [heavy underclothes]
  • Militant Dove [magic bow]
  • Signs of Valor (or Chilling Razors) [daggers]
  • Dragons Risen [archistaff]

Light Iron Armor Set

Core pieces

  • Iron Headgear
  • Iron Manicae
  • Iron Lorica
  • Chainmail Skirt

Alternative pieces

  • Riveted Boots (cut down leg armor with copper plate)
  • Coupled Headgear, improved head armor

Meloirean Armor Set

Location: You can purchase all pieces Post-game from Caxton and Alon, as well as from Barroch in Bitterblack Isle.

Core Set Pieces

  • Meloirean Helm [Head Armor]
  • Meloirean Plate [Torso Armor]
  • Meloirean Armguard [Arms Armor]
  • Meloirean Greaves [Leg Armor]

Accessory Pieces

  • Dragon Knight’s Cloak (or Adventurer’s Cloak)

Monomi Armor Set

Location: This is in the Armor Pack: Demon’s Protection DLC.

Core Set Pieces

  • Monomi Mask [Head Armor]
  • Monomi Coat [Torso Armor]
  • Monomi Bracers [Arms Armor]
  • Monomi Greaves [Leg Armor]
  • Monomi Neck Wrap [Cloak]

Nameless Armor Set

Location: Can be obtained from the Black Cat in Dark Arisen and is a part of  A Face of a Different Color DLC.

Plain Surcoat Set

Armor Pieces

  • Surcoat [torso armor]
  • Leather Gloves [arms armor]
  • Over-Knee Boots [leg armor]
  • White Cap [head armor]
  • Shed Cape [cloak]

Raptor Armor Set

Core Set Pieces

  • Raptor Cuisses [leg armor]
  • Dalmatica [torso armor]
  • Crowned Hood [head armor]
  • Bliaut [chest clothing]
  • Seeker Tights [leg clothing]
  • Bronze Bangles [arm armor]
  • Magnanimous Cloak or Feather Cape [cloaks]

Optional  pieces

  • Mage’s Shoes [leg armor]
  • Feather Hood [head armor]

Red Leather Armor Set

Core pieces

  • Red Leather Cap or Red Leather Hood
  • Red Leather Armor
  • Red Leather Glove
  • Red Leather Cuisses

Royal Surcoat Set

Armor Pieces

  • Royal Surcoat [torso armor]
  • Scarlet Hand Covers [arms armor]
  • Royal Cuisses [leg armor]
  • Royal Mantle [cloak]

Potential clothing pieces

  • Crimson Jerkin or Silver Cuirass [chest clothing]
  • Silver Hosen [leg clothing]

There is no headpiece for this set but you can either a Chain Coif or Clerical Cap.

Set of Duke’s Clothing

This is the outfit worn by Duke Edmun Dragonsbane.

Location: Unlocked by completing the game in Hard Mode. Be sure to turn on Hard Mode from the start of the main quest in Cassardis.

Set of Royal Guard Armor

This armor matches the look of the one worn by Gran Soren soldiers.

Location: Given to you as a disguise from Mirabelle at the beginning of Duchess In Distress so that you can walk through the front door of the Blighted Manse.

Set of Voldoan Armor

This is the same armor as worn by Julien.

Location: You can find it in Dark Arisen once you’ve reached Gran Soren.

Steel Armor Set

Location: All pieces can be purchased from Alon with high affinity.


  • Steel Sallet [Head Armor]
  • Steel Cuirass [Torso Armor]
  • Steel Gauntlets [Arms Armor]
  • Steel Sabatons [Leg Armor]

Swordsman Set

Armor Set Pieces: Plate, Shirt, Mantle, Bracers, Pants & Greaves
You can buy it from Alon once the Ancient Quarry is cleared out by the Arisen.

Swordman’s Plate Stats (Enhancement Level 0)

  • Defense: 66
  • Magick Defense: 13
  • Piercing Resist: 2%
  • Striking Resist: 1%
  • Stagger Resist: 23%
  • Knockdown Resist: 22%
  • Elemental Resist: Holy -4%, Darkness 3%
  • Weight: 3.46

Swordman’s Shirt (Enhancement Level 4)

  • Defense: 19
  • Magick Defense: 6
  • Piercing Resist: 7%
  • Striking Resist: 2%
  • Elemental Resist: Darkness 5%
  • Debilitation Resist: Skill Stifling 16%, Strength Lowered: 21%
  • Weight: 0.65

Swordman’s Mantle (Enhancement Level 4)

  • Defense: 12
  • Magick Defense: 9
  • Piercing Resist: 1%
  • Striking Resist: 1%
  • Stagger Resist: 1%
  • Knockdown Resist: 0
  • Elemental Resist: Darkness 7%
  • Debilitation Resist: Stregnth Lowered 24%, Skill Stifling 24%
  • Weight: 0.77

Swordman’s Bracers (Enhancement Level 4)

  • Defense: 60
  • Magick Defense: 11
  • Piercing Resist: 2%
  • Striking Resist: 1%
  • Stagger Resist: 7%
  • Knockdown Resist: 6%
  • Elemental Resist: Darkness 6%
  • Debilitation Resist: Strength Lowered: 36%, Skill Stifling: 32%
  • Weight: 1.48

Swordman’s Pants (Enhancement Level 4)

  • Defense: 16
  • Magick Defense: 5
  • Piercing Resist: 7%
  • Striking Resist: 2%
  • Stagger Resist: 0%
  • Knockdown Resist: 0%
  • Elemental Resist: Darkness 5%
  • Debilitation Resist: Skill Stifling 12%, Strength Lowered 18%
  • Weight: 0.28

Swordman’s Greaves (Enhancement Level 4)

  • Defense: 64
  • Magick Defense: 12
  • Piercing Resist: 2%
  • Striking Resist: 1%
  • Stagger Resist: 24%
  • Knockdown Resist: 23%
  • Elemental Resist: Darkness 6%
  • Debilitation Resist: Strength Lowered: 39%, Skill Stifling: 27%
  • Weight: 0.93

Twilight Armor Set

Locations: Located in the chests of The Everfall during Post-Game in the Chambers of Sorrow, Fate, Estrangement, Distress, Resolution and Hope.


  • Twilight Mask [Head Armor]
  • Dark Lorica [Torso Armor]
  • Twilight Manicae [Arms Armor]
  • Twilight Greaves [Leg Armor]

White Hawk

Set Pieces: Sallet, Tunic, Half Plate, Gauntlets, Cape, Cuisses and Leggings.
Location: It is sold by a vendor inside the Ancient Quarry, only after it has been cleared by the Arisen.
Worn By: Fighters, Warriors and Mystic Knights

Armor Set Stats (Enhancement Level 0)

  • Defense: 174
  • Magick Defense: 89
  • Piercing Resist: 4%
  • Striking Resist: 10%
  • Stagger Resist: 46%
  • Knockdown Resist: 44%
  • Elemental Resist: Holy 12, Dark -16
  • Debilitation Resist: Lowered Def 70%, Cursed 46%
  • Weight: 85.21

If you have any information regarding the armor sets in Dragon’s Dogma, share with us in comments!

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