Dragon’s Dogma 2 Tensions On The Highroad: Should You Help Raghnall Or Simon?

Who is a better option to choose from, Simon and Raghnall?

Tensions on the Highroad is a side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that you can get after returning to Vernworth from your first visit to Bakbattahl. While in the city, as part of the Welcome to Battahl quest, you will be harassed by some people who challenge you to a 3v1 fight in Bakbattahl.

During this fight, you will meet Raghnall, a central character in Tensions on the Highroad quest. Once you return to Vernworth, go to the statue at the center of the Merchant Quarter, and a guard by the name of Simon will approach you.

Talking to Simon will trigger Tensions on the Highroad quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and he will ask for your assistance in escorting Ser Augustin, a diplomat, to Battahl. Seems straightforward, but as the quest progresses, you will eventually have to pick a side, and the outcome of choosing either Raghnall or Simon can be unclear. That is what I am here to help you out with.

Escort the Oxcart

Simon will ask for your help to escort the Oxcart which carries Ser Augustin. The Oxcart will depart from the Checkpoint Rest Town, so you must reach its location.

The location will also be marked on the map so you can reach it easily. You can take the Oxcart from Vernworth to Checkpoint Rest Town to reach there quickly. Once you reach that location, you will see Simon, Oxcart, and other soldiers.

After the conversation with Simon, Raghnall will appear and stop the Oxcart as soon as it begins to move. Here, a little confrontation will happen, and you must take a side.

Should you side with Simon or Raghnall in Tensions on the Highroad

No matter which side you choose, this has no effect on the quest, but you may need Raghnall’s assistance in the later part of the Dragon’s Dogma 2. Choosing to side with Raghnall will boost your affinity, and he will reappear in the endgame quest, The Guardian Gigantus.

However, you must also ensure he lives while completing the Clash and Conclusion quest because only then will he reappear. I recommend that you attack the soldiers and Simon and side with Raghnall. If you choose him, fight alongside him, and a short dialogue will start, and after this, you will need to follow him through the woods.

He will take you to Guerco Cavern. An indicator will mark its location, so there is nothing to worry about if you get left behind. Continue to follow the straight path in the tunnel, and you will eventually unite with him.


You will be separated from your pawns as you pass through these caverns, so make sure you are prepared to fight some enemies all by yourself.

Now, you will need to take out the enemies attacking him and follow the only path to a campfire. There will be some enemies at the campfire, so make sure you take them all out and then rest. Here, he will tell you Simon’s complete plan in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and that he wants to blame you.

On the next day, you will just need to take a different path, and you will eventually get to the other side. You will see a little cutscene during this, and Raghnall will be left behind. He will ask you to keep going, and he will find another way out.

This will complete the quest, and you will get 12000 G and 4000 XP rewards.

What happens if you side with Simon

If you decide to attack Raghnall, he will run through the woods, and you will have to chase him. This will take you to the same ending of Tensions on the Highroad in Dragon’s Dogma 2, where you learn about Simon’s plot to have Augustin killed and you blamed for it, thus removing you as a contender for the throne.

The rewards you will get are also the same, but you will have less affinity with Raghnall later in the game if you choose Simon.

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