Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Warrior Build: Skills, Augments, And Gear

The Warrior is the beefier version of its Fighter cousin in Dragon's Dogma 2. With this one, you use a two handed weapon.

The Warrior is an unlockable Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that builds upon the foundations of the Fighter class to deliver a substantially more devastating Vocation that deals a lot of damage and tanks it. Given its slowness, this class can be quite difficult to learn.

In this guide, we’ll review the best Warrior build in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the pros and cons of this Vocation, the best skills, equipment, augments, and party composition, and how to unlock it.

How to unlock Warrior Vocation

To Unlock the Warrior Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must bring Klaus a Greatsword during the quest “Vocation Frustration.” Once you reach Vernworth, Klaus can be found at the Vernworth Vocation Guild.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Warrior Build Overview

The Warrior is a beefier version of the Fighter Vocation with high tanking potential. When built and used right, this class can easily dole out some of the highest damage in the game. The Warrior also has some of the best Knockdown potential of any Vocation in the game.

However, Warriors tend to be extremely slow, as all of their core skill animations are quite long, and their weapon skills require charge-up periods. Additionally, because attacks take up so much Stamina, it can take quite a while to get used to the ins and outs of this Vocation.

Below, we’ve provided a brief overview of this build:

ProsHigh tanking potential
High damage
Great at knocking down enemies
ConsPlays slowly
It takes a while to get used to
SkillsRending Sweep / Razing Sweep
Skyward Sunder / Heavenward Sunder
Tidal Fury / Tidal Wrath
Goring Lunge / Ravening Lunge
EquipmentSwordWar Blade or Cyclopean Thunder
Head ArmorFiendish Armet
Body ArmorBeastren Pride
Leg ArmorBrutal Cuisses
CloakAny Cloak of your choosing
Ring #1Ring of Vehemence
Ring #2Ring of Acclamation
Best Party CompositionMain pawnMage
Pawn #2Archer
Pawn #3Fighter

Character Creation Recommendations

The most important things to keep in mind when creating a Warrior character are their body type and height. Since Warriors fight along the front lines and assume the role of tanks, they take the brunt of the damage from their foes. Taking lots of damage, especially from larger foes, often results in them getting knocked down.

To mitigate this, ensure your character’s body type is on the larger side, as larger characters are slightly more resistant to getting knocked. Secondly, make sure your character is tall, too, as you’ll need to carry lots of heavy equipment, and taller characters have slightly more carry capacity.

Best Weapons For Warrior

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Warriors can wield Greatswords and Hammers. Both weapons have their strengths, with Greatswords generally geared toward Slash damage while Hammers are better at doling out Strike damage. If you wish to wield a Greatsword, we recommend the War Blade. This weapon has a standard Strength of 140 and a Slash Strength of 100. It also features a knockdown power of 209.

On the other hand, if you opt for a Hammer, there is no better option than the Cyclopean Thunder. Not only is this weapon devastating in its standard attacks, but it also features lightning elemental damage. It has a Strength and Magick stat of 280 and 200, respectively, while having some of the best Knockdown Power in the game at 371.

Best Skills Selection For Warrior In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Whatever weapon you choose, your skills will ultimately give you an upper hand in battle. Below, we’ve listed the best Skills to use when playing as a warrior.


In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can upgrade your weapon skills to enhance their effects. We’ve listed both the base version and the upgraded version of each skill.

  • Rending Sweep / Razing Sweep: This skill allows the Warrior to spin in a circle with their weapon drawn. Use it to gain some breathing room when enemies surround you. This is best used on cliffs or elevated areas as it can push enemies off the edge. Rending / Razing Sweep can be charged to increase its DPS, but be warned that while it’s charging, you will be left vulnerable.
  • Skyward Sunder / Heavenward Sunder: Skyward / Heavenward Sunder is an upward attack that inflicts significant Knockdown damage. This attack is a good precursor to the Warrior’s core skills, like the Stonebreaker. Like the Razing Sweep, it can be charged to inflict increased damage, but once again, you’ll be left vulnerable to attacks as you do so.
  • Tidal Fury / Tidal Wrath: Tidal Fury / Wrath is your main defensive skill when playing as a Warrior. This skill allows you to block enemy attacks and, when timed correctly, parry enemy attacks, causing a blowback that deals knockdown damage. It requires significant practice to master and use effectively.
  • Knoll Breaker / Mountain Breaker: Choose Knoll / Mountain Breaker as your last skill. This attack unleashes a single devastating blow, knocking your enemy unconscious and dealing very high damage. It can be charged to deliver even more damage.

This skill is best used as a follow-up to Heavenward Sunder or after an enemy has been knocked to target their weak spots.

Best Augmentations

You can equip up to six augmentations on your character in Dragon’s Dogma 2. These are the best ones to use for the Warrior class:

  • Pertinacity: This augment enhances your ability to break through an opponent’s guard. Since warriors are all about knocking back foes and dealing as much damage as possible, Pertinacity perfectly complements their core abilities.
  • Dominance: Like Pertinacity, this augment also complements the Warrior’s core abilities by greatly enhancing their Knockdown Power.
  • Vitality: Vitality increases your maximum health. Since this Vocation tanks a lot of damage this increases their survivability and lets them stay on the battlefield longer.
  • Thew: This augment increases your carry capacity. Since you’ll be wielding heavy weapons and armor pieces, it’ll allow you a little more leeway before you become over-encumbered.
  • Mettle: Mettle enhances your physical defense, further increasing your survivability and enhancing your viability as a tank character.
  • Exaltation: the last augment, Exaltation, increases the rate at which you recover your Stamina. As a Warrior, Stamina management can be difficult and Exaltation gives you some much-needed headroom.

Equipment Selection

The equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is broken down into head, body, and leg armor along with cloaks and rings. For the Warrior class, you’ll want to pick equipment that complements its main abilities and roles while also letting it tank damage.

  • Head Armor – Fiendish Armet: The Fiendish Armet provides 80 standard Defense and 34 Magick Defense. Additionally, it also has a Knockdown Resistance of 24 and a Slash and Strike Resistance of 2 each.
  • Body Armor – Beastren Pride: This body armor provides 180 standard and 65 Magick defense along with 42 Knockdown Resistance.
  • Leg Armor – Brutal Cuisses: The Brutal Cuisses grant the wearer 2 Slash and Strike Resistance along with 27 Knockdown Resistance. Additionally, it also provides 106 standard and 38 Magick Resistance.
  • Cloak – Any Cloak of your choosing: Cloaks don’t have a significant impact on your builds so pick any that you like.
  • Ring #1 – Ring of Vehemence: This ring doubles the chances of knocking out and staggering enemies. Since these attributes make up the crux of the Warrior’s core abilities, the Ring of Vehemence allows you to increase your effectiveness significantly.
  • Ring #2 – Ring of Acclamation: the Ring of Acclamation simply increases your health by 200. Since you’ll be tanking lots of damage, this ring will enhance your survivability.

If you’re struggling to effectively manage your stamina or carry capacity, consider switching to these rings instead:

  • Ring of Profusion: Increases carrying capacity by +10.
  • Ring of Quickening: Increases stamina recovery rate by +10%.

Best Party Composition for Warrior

The Warrior fights along the frontlines dealing most of the melee damage in a given party. It is highly recommended that you use Pawns that can support and enhance the Warrior in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Main pawnMage: The Mage is by far the best complement to the Warrior and all other melee vocations. Mages can provide you buffs during combat that can increase your overall damage output and effectiveness. In addition to their abilities to heal their allies, this Vocation is also excellent at dealing ranged damage as you face the enemies head-on.

Pawn #2Archer: Like the Mage, the Archer is an excellent Pawn to keep when you’re playing as a Warrior. While their utilities are limited as they can’t heal you or provide buffs, they are great at dealing critical damage at range and taking out flying enemies that are hard for a Warrior to reach.

Pawn #3 – Fighter: For your last Pawn pick Fighter. Not only do Fighters provide additional melee support, but since they are more nimble, they can be effective at repositioning and taking away some of the aggro that the Warrior invites.

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