What To Do With Dragon Bones and Scales In Skyrim

Initially, sell them to buy a house and after that, you can store and craft dragon armor and weapons.

Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales are two resource materials you will find in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Both these materials can be used to craft armor sets and weapons separately. Apart from crafting, players can also sell Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales to make some money in Skyrim.

As the names suggest, both items are a part of the loot retrieved from slaying a dragon. However, these are not exclusive to dragons, and they can also be obtained sometimes as random drops.

Now, the question is what should you do with Dragon Bones and Scales in Skyrim? Well, we have some great suggestions for you.

Should you sell Dragon Bones and Scales Early Game?

Dragon Bones and Dragon scales can be acquired early on in the game. There is no level restriction on these items. But there is an issue: the bones and scales are heavy. One quantity can easily take up to one-third of the total carry capacity of new players. Because of the weight, players’ mobility is affected severely, so players usually want to find a solution for these.

One solution is buying a house and storing these materials in it. I recommend that players sell the initial dragon scales and bones they acquire to merchants to collect enough gold to buy a house first. Once a house is bought, you have plenty of space to keep on storing the items until needed. Players do not have to worry about the limit of these items in Skyrim, as there are countless dragons around the map whom you can slay to obtain these items. So, if you need fast cash, it is recommended to sell a few pieces.

Another reason to consider selling the dragon scales and bones early on in the game is that to utilize these items for armor and weapon crafting, players need to have a Smithing level of 100. There is no point in storing all the dragon bones and scales you come across until you reach that skill level. You only require a handful of dragon bones or scales to craft weapons and armor.

Where can you sell Dragon Bones and Scales in Skyrim?

In the beginning phases of Skyrim, Dragon Bones and Scales can be sold to Alchemists and General Merchants in Skyrim. This is because players have yet to acquire the ‘Merchant Perk’ in the Speech skill. Once players unlock the perk, they can also sell the bones and scales to traders and blacksmiths. Dragon Bones go for a higher price than Dragon Scales.

Traders and Alchemists give better value for your items in comparison to Blacksmiths and Merchants. Players can unlock perks in the Speech skill to help them demand higher prices for the bones and scales.

Lydia, being a Housecarl of the Dragonborn in Skryim, can also aid in storing the items. She can either keep them in her inventory or be safe in the house where she is assigned to live. Other followers can also store your hard-earned Dragon Bones and Scales for you.

Weapons and armor you can craft with Dragon Bones and Scales

Once players reach level 100 Smithing, they can craft Dragonscale and Dragonplate (Dragonbone) armor sets. Not only that, players can also utilize the items to create weapons. These armor sets and weapons are amongst the best gear available in Skyrim. Let’s look into their crafting requirements.

Dragonscale Armor

Item NameDragon ScalesIronLeatherStripsID
Dragonscale Armor (Chest)42130001393e
Dragonscale Boots21120001393d
Dragonscale Gauntlets21120001393f
Dragonscale Helmet211100013940
Dragonscale Shield420200013941

Studded Dragonscale Armor

Item NameDragon ScalesIronLeatherStripsID
Studded Dragonscale Armor (Chest)4213FExxx801
Studded Dragonscale Boots2112FExxx800
Studded Dragonscale Gauntlets2112FExxx802
Studded Dragonscale Helmet2111FExxx803

Dragonplate Armor

Item NameDragon ScalesDragon BoneStripsID
Dragonplate Armor (Chest)32300013966
Dragonplate Boots31200013965
Dragonplate Gauntlets21200013967
Dragonplate Helmet21200013969
Dragonplate Shield31100013968

Dragonplate Insulated Armor

Item NameDragon ScalesDragon BoneStripsID
Dragonplate Insulated Armor (Cuirass)323FExxx801
Dragonplate Insulated Boots312FExxx800
Dragonplate Insulated Gauntlets212FExxx802
Dragonplate insulated Helmet212FExxx803

Dragonbone Weapons

Item NameDragon BoneEbonyStripsFirewoodID
Dragonbone Dagger1010xx014fcb
Dragonbone Sword1110xx014fce
Dragonbone War Axe1120xx014fcf
Dragonbone Mace2110xx014fcd
Dragonbone Greatsword4130xx014fcc
Dragonbone Battleaxe3220xx014fc3
Dragonbone Warhammer3230xx014fd0
Dragonbone Bow2100xx0176f1
Dragonbone Arrow1001xx0176f4
Dragonbone Crossbow2003FExxx809
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