Dragon Age 4 Multiplayer Could Be Coming, Implied By Job Opening

BioWare has a job opening for a technical director that will be working on Dragon Age 4 multiplayer, though we don't know what that will involve.

According to a job opening from BioWare, we might be seeing Dragon Age 4 multiplayer when that game eventually comes out. We don’t know very much about Dragon Age 4 right now, but this might be the first information we really get about it. But will that multiplayer actually be good?

BioWare’s job opening advertisement asks for a Technical Director with multiplayer experience. They will be responsible for building the engineering team that will in turn be responsible for building the multiplayer component of the game.

Dragon Age is no stranger to multiplayer gameplay. Dragon Age Inquisition, the previous game, put players in the role of members of the Inquisition for its multiplayer, where they went to make their way through dungeons held by a wide variety of the various enemies you encounter in the game itself.

While the multiplayer wasn’t the most popular part of the game, it did give players a way to play the game with their friends through persistent characters. The Dragon Age 4 multiplayer will likely give players another opportunity for that, though what enemies we’ll be fighting if it’s true remain to be seen.

Dragon Age 4 will likely take players to the Tevinter Imperium as they attempt to stop former Inquisition party member Solas from merging the Fade and the real world together in order to return the elves to their former glory. BioWare has teased Dragon Age 4 before, but this is the first really concrete evidence that we’ll be getting it at some point in the future.

While Dragon Age Inquisition’s multiplayer didn’t get a very good reception, hopefully the Dragon Age 4 multiplayer will be much better and be much like Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, which despite being superfluous compared to the main game was still quite fun as a wave defense game.

Either way, we’ll likely hear more about Dragon Age 4 later this year, and hopefully will learn more later.

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