Former BioWare Writer Mike Laidlaw Talks About Dragon Age 4 at GDC 2018

The creative director of Dragon Age Inquisition, the writer for Mass Effect and Jade Empire, Mike Laidlaw left the video game developer company, BioWare after 14 years of service. Now after a long window, he has had a chance to talk about the Dragon Age 4 game and possibly what it may be.

Many fans consider the game Dragon Age series to be in a strange place right now, much like its developing company BioWare. Considering that there has been a lot of confusion among fans about what the Dragon Age 4 will be like.

Since the writer Mike Laidlaw left the company, fans are uncertain that, what direction Dragon Age 4, will now take? Well, apparently at the Game Developers Conference 2018, Mike Laidlaw talked about, what the game may be if the company sticks to the Laidlaw’s initial plan.

First of all, Laidlaw is not at all worried about what the game will look like because he is confident that the company has a lot of respect for the title and they will certainly do justice with it. Mike, added, it is pretty likely that the previous plans for the game will get re-examined in light of the existing leadership.

What Laidlaw, thinks might put him off is the company’s current concentration on the upcoming Anthem. For that reason, he seemed to be worried that there is still a chance, Dragon Age 4 might get left behind.

Be that as it may, Laidlaw has recently revealed in an interview that he does have a tempting desire to work on Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk is an upcoming role-playing video game being developed by CD Projekt RED. The gameplay of the game is expected to be shared at E3 2018.

That said, Laidlaw has only shared his interest, for the game, there has not been any news that whether is he working on it or not.

Back to Dragon Age series, let’s hope that the Dragon Age 4 is as good as its predecessors but with the change of the lead writer, there is a huge possibility that the game may be different than we expect it to be.