Doom Eternal Super Gore Nest Walkthrough

Super Gore Nest is the fifth mission in the game and tasks you with destroying a heart in the area. The heart is locked behind a gate and you can only access it by finding the Yellow, Red and Blue keys to open up passages. This Doom Eternal Super Gore Nest Walkthrough will cover all you need to know about progressing through this mission.

Doom Eternal Super Gore Nest

After the cutscene ends, you can collect a weapon known as the Ballista. This projectile weapon will fire an energy beam that does a lot of damage against strong enemies.

However, it’s mostly useful against slower enemies so don’t make it your first choice against quicker foes.  Select the Super Gore Nest mission from your ship.

This mission will have 3 challenges that you can tackle.

  • Weaponslave – Pick up a collectible that upgrades a weapon
  • A Bloody Secret – Complete both secret encounters
  • War Pinkies – Perform Glory Kills on Pinky from the front, behind and by jumping from above.

Yellow Key
Head to the marker by the streets and eventually, you will come across and area populated by demons. There will be a door that will open once you win there. Head inside and scale the wall.

You will come across a bunch of enemies fighting, including the Dread Knight. Jump over the foes and face the demon head on.

The creature will attack you with sharp blades that can really mess you up. For this rason, you should keep your distance from them while landing in hits a range weapon like the Heavy Cannon.

Once you’ve won, you should escape by swinging on the bar to reach the tunnel. You will come across an area with a totem that is granting a speed and attack boost to the enemies around it.

Quickly take down the totem to make things easier for yourself before finishing off the enemies. You will find is behind one of the portals there. One of these guides you to the yellow key.

Red Key
Head back to the area filled with demons and use the yellow key to open the yellow gate. Proceed forward and take out the enemies you come across before placing the yellow key in the cavity to open up a new passage to an elevator shaft.

Jump down the shaft and then fight of the enemies you encounter while moving ahead.  You will need to swim through toxic water so pick up the Rad Suit you come across to use it. After crossing the water, you need to swing on the bar and then destroy the shaft.  Scale the wall and you will collect the Red Key.

Blue Key
Head to the Machine Gun room and collect this weapon before opening the red gate.  You’ll have to use the panel to harm the heart while fighting off demons. There is a switch behind the closed mouth that you can use to teleport yourself.

You will come across another totem in this sector with a few bars next to it that you can swing and platform from.  Make your way up the wall and then hit the chest with your fist before using it to jump on the platforms.

When you come across the wall niche, you must smash it before making our way down through a ton of enemies.

Wear the other Rad Suit you will find and then flick the switch to open another cavity. Jump and you’re your way through the walls as you go further up. Once at the top, you must take down the demons, smash the wall and collect the Blue Key.

Destroying the heart
Head back to the area with the blue gate and unlock it. Now that you have all 3 keys, you must head back to the main cavity and open it. From there you must drop down and progress through the tunnels.

You will destroy the heart by triggering the devices that activate the self-destruct. Run as fast as you can before the timer goes out and reach the two teleporters. Once you make it to them, you will escape the cave and will have completed this mission.