How to Perform a Glory Kill in Doom Eternal

Glory kills in Doom aren’t just a stylish way of killing your enemies so that it gives off a dominating vibe, they do have a proper purpose. In this guide, we will teach how you to perform a Glory Kill in Doom Eternal.

How to Perform a Glory Kill in Doom Eternal

These Glory kills are actually an essential part of the core combat loop. Glory kills are most important when you are fighting against a mob of enemies as they will increment your aggression as well as your survivability!

One of the most noticeable features about the glory kills is that the enemy drops health when you perform a glory kill so that you can heal up and continue fighting even if you have already taken critical damage.

From a battle perspective, having low health is not something entirely appreciable but on the contrary, if you perform a glory kill with low health then the enemy drops more health.

Glory kill makes you invincible and enemy’s attacks are useless but the enemy can still move around and put you in a difficult situation so at all times during the battle you must be alert.

Performing the Chainsaw kill is somewhat like the glory kills only that in the chainsaw kills where you kill the population of enemy in a single blow and they drop tons on ammo, in glory kills only health drops. Nevertheless in battle, health is as important as ammo especially if you are up against a bunch of enemies.

Glory kills are rather easy to perform if you keep an eye on the enemies while dealing damage to them with the arsenal of weapons in the game. As soon as their health reaches a certain point a stagger motion is triggered due to which the enemy becomes highlighted.

But as said earlier you must have had damaged your enemy enough for the stagger motion to be triggered.

Once the enemy starts flashing you can effectively perform a glory kill on them. Upon the enemy flashing, a prompt will appear asking you to perform the kill and that is when you should do it.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that the stagger state only stays for a limited period of time and the enemy will recover after that time has lapsed. In this case, you can again, damage the enemy up to the point where the stagger motion is triggered and they start flashing, to perform the glory execution finisher