Doom Eternal Arc Complex Walkthrough

Arc Complex is the 6th mission of the main storyline of Doom Eternal and here in this walkthrough, we will get you through the whole level objective by objective.

Doom Eternal Arc Complex

The mission will start from the Fortress of Doom and you will have some monologue before you get your first objective is going to be ‘Get Samuel Hayden’ and you will see a sub-objective that will be to configure the mission teleporter.

So just go to the objective marker and start the teleporter, get to the teleportation pad and you will be teleported to the location where you will have to find Dr. Hayden.

Start again by going towards the objective marker, on your way you will face quite a number of enemies and there will be more as you reach the marker. Marker will be relocated so keep moving, after a while, you will come to know that Samuel Hayden has fallen.

When you reach the marker, you will come to know that you cannot enter Dr. Hayden’s outpost and you will have to shoot two the tentacles in order to clear the path and enter.

So you will get a new marker to shoot the tentacles that are blocking the path with both the turrets, follow those markers now. You will face a new enemy called Cyber Mancubus, he is a heavily armored long-range combat specialized creature. On your way you might hit some blockade, here you will have to climb the walls outside the building to get to the marker.

When you shoot both the tentacles with turrets, the path will get clear and your new objective will be to enter Samuel’s Base so start moving towards your next marker. It will be the same way you came from, so backtrack and enter the base through those big gates.

When you are inside the base you will get your next objective which is to confront Samuel. You will get the marker for this objective so go towards the marker. Dr. Hayden will be in his office laboratory which will be in the top part of the facility so use the lift to get to the lab.

When you go through the lab, a portal will be opened and Marauder will come out. This is going to be the final fight for this mission so get ready. Marauder is a defensive powerhouse of a boss, if you stand close to him he will use the shotgun so keep an eye for that.

Keep him in the mid-range and counter his attacks when his eyes flash green otherwise he will block your shots, also he is resistant to superweapons.