Don’t Starve Walkthrough Day 1-20 Survival Guide

Don't Starve Walkthrough to survive the first 20 days of the game and stay sane.

Don’t Starve is open world survival horror game. The goal in the game is surviving the longest amount of time without dying from starvation or hostile enemies. You may just turn insane too. So, better not let that happen either.

Your first few days in Don’t Starve will be crucial. They will decide how much prepared are you when the winter comes. In this guide, we will specifically talk about these days. If you do well here, you will definitely survive longer. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started.

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Don’t Starve Walkthrough Day #1 to Day #20

Day #1
You will always spawn in grassland biome. You will find that everything you need is already close by. Start by collecting lot of grass and saplings. Do this for the full day and half of the dusk time. Collect berries, carrots and flint. However, don’t eat the berries or carrots just yet.

If you collect all these, then you will have enough material for an axe. Build the axe but do not use it right away. You will need it at night. Don’t chop wood with it. Instead hunt rabbits and stuff with it. It is your weapon for now. You will need the food to keep your sanity at a good level.

When dusk finally arrives, do not fret just keep on collecting whatever you can find. When half of the dusk time has passed, chop down a couple of big trees. When night arrives, build yourself a camp fire, cook few carrots and eat them. The night will be over before you know it.

Day #2 – #5
On day 2 keep on collecting the goodies and try to cover more of the map. During day 2-5, your main objective should be to cover a big chunk of the map. Don’t forget hunting the rabbits.

Since you have passed day 1, you can chop down trees during the daytime too. Try to get eight logs in your inventory before the day ends. It is better to avoid spider dens for now as the spiders might overwhelm you. However, there is a way to kill spiders.

Build yourself a camp fire in front of the den. Place a morsel in front of the fire. When dusk comes, a hungry spider will leave the den and run straight at the morsel. Kill it with your axe before the spider eats your morsel. Repeat the process for the other spiders.

After the third spider there will be a delay. During that time, you can feed your fire and yourself. When the night is over, go explore more and collect more stuff.

During your exploration, you will happen to find a lost pig. Give it your berries to get manure from it.

Day #5 – #10
Now is the time to find yourself a good spot to live. Some where near the beefalos is highly recommended. There are several reasons for that:

  • Ample Manure.
  • Ample Meat – you will have to kill the beefalos for that.
  • Safety – Whenever you are threatened by hound, go to your beefalo friends. They will protect you from them. Hounds will leave you and attack the beefalos and they will strike back. Same is the case for MacTusk.

If you have the following items – 4 stacks of grass, 2 stacks of twigs, 1 stack of flint, 1 stack of logs, 1 stack of pine cones, 1 stack of seeds, 1 stack of carrots, 2 stacks of manure, 1 stack of monster meat, 1 stack of silk, 1 stack of gold, 3 stacks of stone and 1 stack of morsel then you will be able to craft 7 turbo farm plots, 6 crock pots, firepit, ice box, winterometer, and other tools to make yourself a base.

Remember to keep yourself sane pick flowers. Pick 12 of them to make yourself a Garland and provide a constant boost to your sanity during the day.

Day #10 – #20
You have your home. From now on its all about preparing for winter. You will need to:

  • Chop wood a lot, kill spiders, birds. Create bee boxes, stock grass, twings and reeds, kill some tentacles and stock a few spikes as well.
  • If you have the extra manure grow some grass and berry bushes around your base. They will provide you with enough food during the winter.
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