Don’t Starve Walkthrough Winter Survival Guide – How To Survive

Don't Starve Walkthrough to effectively prepare and survive Winter in the game and keep your sanity.

The hardest part about Don’t Starve is surviving the winter. This is because all the rabbits, your constant supply of morsel have disappeared. Furthermore, the berry bushes have stopped growing berries.

So, what food is available now? Monster meat! However, if not cooked properly the meat can be poisoning, affecting both your mental and physical state. In this guide, we will detail how you can properly cook monster meat and survive the winter on it.

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Don’t Starve Walkthrough – How To Survive Winter

First, you need to get yourself a Crockpot. Get your pick axe and your axe and find yourself the following items: one gold nugget, four logs and four rocks. After that, gather up three cut stones, 6 twigs and five charcoal to make the crock pot. To get yourself some charcoal, simply burn a tree.

Equip yourself with log armor and a spear. Go find spider’s den. Preferably take part in one on one battles with the spider. Keep him stunned by bashing him repeatedly. When dealing with multiple spiders, remember to set up traps all it takes is some grass and twigs.

Keep in mind that hitting a single spider will anger other spiders in close vicinity. If things get too much for you to handle, then lead the spiders to a bunch of pigs, if any pigs are close by. They will deal with the problem for you. You can simply run away too.


You can also use healing salve. To make this rock you will need; spider gland, get that from killing a spider and two piles of ash. You can get ash by burning a pinecone. Collect the ashe quickly before the wind blows it away. Use the science machine to make this healing salve. After that you can create this item anytime you desire.

Now that you have monster meat place it in the crock pot with three other food items like berries, carrots and mushrooms. You will get meatballs out of this recipe.

Birds can help you survive the winter by laying down edible eggs for you. However, the first problem is getting a bird. Even before that you need to get a bird cage. To get a bird cage, you will need to have six gold nuggets, two sheets of Papyrus and two seeds. Papyrus is made by combining eight reeds. Reeds are found in the dangerous Swamps. Put on your log armor and head to the swamps.

Do not stick around there to fight anything. Just go in there, collect eight cut reeds and run straight back out of there. Craft the bird cage using the machine.

To get yourself a bird fix yourself up a bird trap with ample amounts of silk. Get some seeds to act as bait for the bird. Set your trap away from the pigs as they have a tendency to eat anything they see. Now wait for the bird to show up.

After catching the bird put it in the newly acquired bird cage. When you feed the bird some meat, any type of meat, it will lay an egg for you. It will lay eggs all throughout the winter.

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