Divinity: Original Sin 2 Talents Guide

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Talents Guide to help you learn all about Regular Talents, Race Talents, and Advanced Talents along with some tips.

In this Divinity: Original Sin 2 Talents Guide, we will details of all the Talents that you can set for your character in Divinity: Original Sin 2. We also have some tips and tricks regarding each of the Talent in our Original Sin 2 Talents Guide.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Talents

Talents are additional Attributes, which you set for your character. They provide extra Abilities and options, which are beneficial to certain stats of your character.

Talents are divided into three major categories i.e. Regular, Race, and Advanced Talents.

Regular Talents

These Talents do not have certain requirements and almost all the races, character level, and Attribute level can select these. These are basic level Talents. Divinity: Original Sin 2 features a number of regular Talents, which you can select for your character.

All Skilled Up
This Talent is good for early games because it gives you instantly 2 Attribute points to distribute. One point is for combat Abilities while the other one is character traits. Be careful where you want to spend these points because early on, they really come in handy.


Arrow Recovery
Arrow recovery Talent gives 33% chance of retrieving an arrow fired at a target. It is aimed at ranged characters so if you are using a character which uses Bow and Arrows for primary, this Talent is recommended.

Back-Stabber is aimed at Rogue and Assassin classes because it benefits silent classes. Back Stabbing gives added damage to backstabs and characters equipped with Daggers and Knives. Just be careful with Knights and Warriors because they have heavy armor.

Bigger and Better
This Talent will give you 2 free Attribute Points. They can be obtained every time you level up so this is a useless Talent. We recommend you avoid it!

Comeback Kid
This is a good Talent if you die often. With this Talent activated during combat, the last lethal blow will not kill you and give you a chance to strike back. However, if the enemy does multiple attacks in quick succession, this Talent will be useless. The first hit will not kill you, the second one will. Comeback Kid is mutually exclusive with Leech.

Escapist will facilitate you if you want to escape from a fight. We recommend saving your game often and loading the game again if you die rather than using this useless Talent. Escapist is mutually exclusive with Courageous.

Far Out Man
Far out Man is good for ranged characters because it increases the range of spells and scrolls by 2. It is good for further increasing the range and remaining at a safe distance during combat.

Five-Star Dinner
Five-Star Dinner is focused at resulting in more bonus from eatables. It is useless as well because it does not affect any other healing items, only increases the bonus from foods. We recommend you avoid it and invest in more useful Talents.

Glass Cannon
This Talent is good for dealing maximum damage but it will make you vulnerable to any crowd control effects. With this Talent, you will have maximum Action Points when you start any combat scenario giving you a huge edge over your enemies. Cannot be used with One Man Army.

At maximum health, you will receive a 10% bonus to your critical hits and accuracy. His Talent is again focused for long-ranged attackers. It is also beneficial for Knights and Warriors if they have high armor.

As suggested by the name, Leech regenerates your health when you stand in a pool of blood. Cannot be used with Comeback Kid. Best used by characters who will leave bleeding effects on the enemies.

Living Armor
This talent will add a bonus of 35% to all the healing that you get from consumables and skills, that will be added to your magic armor.

Lone Wolf
This is a very good talent in the game and will provide:

  • +2 Max AP
  • +2 Recovery AP
  • +30% Vitality
  • +30% Physical and Magical Armour
  • Now keep in mind that the bonus will be removed if the party gets bigger than 2 members.

This talent will give you a total of 3 extra points in your memory attribute.

Morning Person
With this Talent equipped, any revived character will receive maximum HP. This Talent is an excellent choice for Tanks. When they fall in battle, reviving them will give them additional health to take even more damage during tanking.

With this Talent equipped, your character outside your turn will attack any enemy that exposes himself outside of your turn. This should be beneficial for all melee characters. This can result from a regular attack or an elemental attack on an escaping enemy.

Parry Master
This talent will just give you a 10% of damage bump while you wield a dual weapon.

Pet Pal
Pet Pal is necessary for completing certain quests so make sure at least one of the characters on your team has this Talent. It allows you to talk with animals and learn important details about the world.

Picture of Health
This is a good Talent. It gives you 3% bonus to vitality every time you spend a point on Warfare. Knights and Warriors will greatly benefit from this benefit. Every time you spend on warfare, you will be buffed up.

Savage Sortilege
Focused on mages, this Talent gives a chance of critical hit every time you activate a magic Ability. It will give at least a 10% chance of critical hit bonus.

Good Talent for characters using grenades, this Talent will give 5 units range bonus to grenades. It will help you take out those enemies lingering just outside the blast range.

This one is a useful talent as it will reduce everybody’s attitude towards you by 25, but do keep in mind that this will result in the fact that melee opponents will find you less attractive in a combat.

The Pawn
This Talent also benefits any character. With this Talent, you will get additional AP at the start of every turn. However, to use this Talent do not use an attack move as your fits move. This Talent only gives you HP for movement controls so use it first.

As the name is telling you, it will increase the duration of the damage caused by you skills and surfaces by 1.

This also as the name suggest will make you immune to poison and will let you heal from it, but it has a catch and the regular healing now will do damage instead.

This is a good one, it will make you explode when you die and will deal 100% of vitality as physical damage in a 3 meter radius.

Walk It Off
This Talent reduces the effects of all negative and positive effects by one turn. It must be chosen carefully because it not only affects the negative effects quickly but also the positive ones.

After every lethal attack, you additional AP as a bonus of this Talent which can be used to retreat back or attack another enemy.

What a Rush
If your health drops by 50%, this Talent will increase your AP replenish rate by 1. Essential for melee fighters as they receive more damage than the ranged ones.

Poison can be used for healing with this Talent. However, repeated use will be bad for the character and will damage it instead. Use it wisely. Focused on more advanced players.

Race Talents

These Talents are race exclusive and can only benefit the characters of that specific race. To avail these Talents, you must build the character of that specific race.

This talent will Reduce the cost of using grenades and scrolls for you by 1 AP when your offhand is free.

Corpse Eater
Corpse Eater is a Talent exclusive for the Elf Race. By this Talent, you can consume corpses of dead enemies to regain 60 health and learn a new Ability of the detaining enemy by gaining access to their memories.

Elegant is a Talent exclusive for the Elf Race. It gives the Elves +2 finesses and helps them become better assassins and archers.

Thrifty is a Talent exclusive to Humans. It will boost their bartering by 1 which is helpful in buying and trading items or skill points. You also get a 10% discount on everything you buy with this Talent.

This Talent is focused on humans as well. It will give your human character +2 Wits and 3% chance for a critical hit. Increasing Wits increase Initiative making your character to make a move first.

A Talent for the Lizard Race, it gives all Lizard characters +2 Persuasion bonus. With this Talent, you can easily influence others via communication giving you many benefits.

Sophisticated gives +2 intelligence bonus. It helps to increase the impact and effectiveness of magical attacks. Good Talent for magic based characters.

Dwarven Guile
This gives +1 bonus to sneaking to the Dwarf Race. However, we will recommend you avoid this Talent because they already get +2 strength bonus so sneaking is useless if you can just go head on head with most of the enemies.

Another Talent exclusively for the Dwarf race. It gives them +2 strength so uses this Talent instead of Dwarven Guile. With this, your strength increases dramatically. It even allows you to break objects that you cannot open with a key.


Not all characters can use these Talents because they have certain limitations. They could be based on Character level, Experience or Attributes.

Demon requires Pyrokinetic 1. It also cannot be used with Ice King. It offers +10 Resistance to fire but it also decreased the resistance to water-based elemental attacks. For added bonuses, use compatible equipment with it.

Duck Duck Goose
It requires Huntsman 1. The name suggests it is a dodging Talent. It gives you added bonus to dodging attacks during enemy attacks. It is highly effective against ranged enemies.

Elemental Affinity
This talent when acquired will lower the AP cost for all the spells by 1 and it is effective when standing in the surface of that same element.

This talent will give you +2 AP when you successfully land a killing blow.

Elemental Ranger
Fire arrows at the enemies and they will yield additional damage to the enemy depending on the type of surface they are standing on with this Talent. It requires Huntsman 2. This is exclusively available for archers.

It requires Sneaking 1. Equipping this Talent will give additional 50% damage bonus. This is useful for stealth fans and Rogue and Assassin characters. Equip a dagger or a knife to avail this bonus and use backstab.

Ice King
Ice King requires Hydrosophist 1. It cannot be used with Demon. Using this Talent will give you +10 resistance to water but it decreases resistance against fire by 15%. This is the opposite of Demon.

One Man Army
It requires Character level 8 and it cannot be used with Glass Cannon. This Talent gives a bonus to resistance and damage dealt depending on the number of allies on the field. More allies will mean better bonuses and they can really help you in tough situations.

This Talent requires Sneaking 2. With this Talent, your sneaking will not decrease your movement speed and you will move with the same speed as you move normally with. It is aimed at assassins as it allows them to move around undetected.

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