Divinity Original Sin 2 Stealing Guide

Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about stealing items in the game and not getting caught while doing so.

Thievery is perhaps the best way to quickly develop your team in Divinity. We can buy one Skill Book from a Merchant for 250 Gold and just steal the other. This Divinity Original Sin 2 Stealing Guide will tell you how to steal stuff from NPCs without them ever realizing what has happened. This skill is very important, as it will allow you to build your team at the start of the game.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Stealing Guide

In this Original Sin 2, we have detailed everything you need to know about stealing in the game and doing so without getting caught.

Stealing Items

Remember to always steal in moderation and to react quickly! You only have a few seconds to completely execute the steal move or you will get caught.

If a merchant says you look like a thief then you must either bribe him/her or persuade them, as there is no other way to get out of that conversation.

If a merchant finds out the item is stolen and it is still in your inventory then you must also convince them or bribe them, otherwise, the entire town will be on your back.

How to Steal without Getting Caught in DOS2

Before you start, remember to always save the game before you try to steal something. If your move fails then the entire city might be chasing you and you can kiss your progress goodbye. Now press C to activate the Sneaking Mode and place your thief behind a person that you want to rob.

If someone notices you sneaking behind the NPC, or if the NPC walks out of the melee range, your pickpocket attempt will completely fail. So, make sure no one sees you!

A good way to make the NPC stand still so you can commit the thievery is by having one of your characters start a conversation with them, so you can easily try to steal from them while they’re busy talking to your friend.

Furthermore, you can even use Smoke Cover to steal from a person even if people are looking directly at them.

Now select the item that you want to steal and make sure that you only steal small items in the beginning, as your Thief Skill does not allow you to steal heavier items at this time.

Once you have stolen the item immediately throw it on the ground, it does not matter where you throw it as long as you do not keep it on you.

Now the NPC will notice the stolen item and will try to find the item on you, let them see your inventory and once they are done, you can just pick up the item and take it with you wherever you please. Easy, right?

You can steal from a unique NPC only once in your play-through of the game, and each character has a thievery level requirement to be able to be stolen from. Also, there are thievery limits that you can’t go beyond.

Thievery Limits

  • 2kg / 300gp
  • 4kg / 450gp
  • 6kg / 1100gp
  • 8kg / 2350gp
  • 10kg / 3800gp
  • 12kg / 6000gp
  • 14kg / 9400gp
  • 16kg / 14800gp
  • 18kg / 23300gp
  • 20kg / 36650gp
  • 22kg / 57700gp
  • 24kg / 90750gp
  • 26kg / 142850gp
  • 28kg / 224750gp
  • 30kg / 353650gp

Thievery can come in very handy before you get into a fight as you can steal usable items – like potions, arrows, food – from your opponent before you fight them; and during the fight they won’t be able to use those items.

That is all we have for our Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide to Stealing. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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